“Commitment To Bringing Offenders To Justice”

June 22, 2016

After several days of serious incidents, the Minister of National Security Jeff Baron said, “The men and women of the Bermuda Police Service have provided highly professional service to this community and I want to recognize that in the midst of these recent events.

“Strong responses to incidents where the loss of life has occurred have been swift and investigations are already beginning to bear results.

“Just today while I was in St. George’s in the wake of the robbery there, I learned that several officers were on patrol in the Town and owing to their quick response an arrest has been made in connection with this incident.

St Georges Robbery Bermuda June 22 2016 (2)

“Enforcement action is only one part of the response to incidents of this kind but the community can be confident in the men and women of the Bermuda Police Service and their commitment to bringing offenders to justice,” concluded the Minister.

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  1. Watcher says:

    Here’s an idea give the service the man power it needs to get the job done without risking officers safety. Your govt is very quietly gutting the services numbers and attacking their pay and conditions, morale is at an all time low and yet you and your predecessor continually give speeches stating your support for the men and women of the BPS, you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth and it’s going to come to a breaking point soon enough.

  2. hotdog says:

    Still need a police station down there.

  3. Some beach says:

    Answer me this…is criminal trespass an indictable offence or a summery offence?

    See now I was told that the law was discretionary in this matter and only action I had records to was through legal council.By a wps in bps.

    Criminal trespass is when you enter a private property and move or take any item or possession.

    Mine is not only private,but also private estate.

    I did mention that I had a professional witness tuit….

    This infraction is clear to me!

    The subject matter had a price tag of forty five thousand dollars and is now presently useless to me because of said trespass.

    No one carries out work on private estate without consent of owners.

    You must correct this…and…I feel you need more training.

    Perhaps you should look to hire from Sgt.Scotlands’ Black watch training .

    Indictable and summery are two different animals and require distinction !

    Indictable offences are in no way discretionary!

  4. Islander says:

    To all cowards and thugs Life without bail and limited visiting. Thieves 15 yes without bail no time outside of jail and limited visiting, no electronics this goes for lifers as well. Hold accountable as well parents or whole er they are living with or aiding and abating with heavy fines. All no iesto be given to children of slain father. All damages to business must be repaired and paid for by thief/thieves and or parents. Not retaliation for their cowardice acts but lesson to those who continue to feel black lives don’t matter. Rev Tweed…you sir should be leading a march against all acts of violence against the people of Bermuda and generations to come.

  5. Widget says:

    Good job BPA, unfortunately there are some in our community that give these crooks and otherwise the right to commit these crimes because as what they say is a lack of jobs. Have you ever heard of such nonsense.

    San George, you fading this.

  6. Islander says:

    Correction:allmonies to be confiscated and to be given…
    Not retaliation.. Sentences not to be taken as retaliation …