244 Pints Celebrated As Six Blood Donors Retire

June 17, 2016

The Bermuda Hospitals Board has recognised six individuals who have collectively donated a total of 244 pints of blood, but who are now having to retire from donating.

The celebrated blood donors included Dr. James Burnett-Herkes with 50 donations over 33 years; Veronica Chameau with 36 donations over 16 years; Virginia Olander with 21 donations over 8 years; Michael Tucker with 30 donations over 11 years; Edward Wicks with 15 donations over five years; and Alfred John Wright with 92 donations over 18 years.

Lucy Correira, Blood Donor Nurse; Venetta Symonds, BHB CEO; Veronica Chameau; Dr Clyde Wilson, Chief of Pathology; Alfred John Wright; Dr Eyitayo Fakunle, Constultant Haematologist; and Kathy Stephens, Manager Pathology:

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Dr Eyitayo Fakunle, Consultant Haematologist, said, “We want to thank six dedicated blood donors today who have collectively donated 244 pints of blood. People may not realise that there is a retirement age for blood donors, which means we lose valuable and dedicated donors every year.

“The people we are recognising today have come regularly over many years and even decades. They have saved so many lives, and made many more better as donations are used to help people manage conditions such as sickle cell anaemia and cancer, as well as life or death situations.”

Interview with John Alfred Wright:

“We now need new donors to donate blood. Bermuda’s blood supplies are made up of 100% voluntary donations from residents.

“We do not import blood. The lives of all of us in Bermuda are in the hands of a very select group of about 1,000 giving, caring and dedicated donors.”

Interview with Veronica Chameau:

“It is like a lake that we all rely on – if it is not replenished, our local blood supplies will dry up, putting us all at risk. As six individuals step down today, we need the next generation to put their hands up and share a gift only they can give.

“It may be your loved one, your friend or even you who needs blood next. It only takes about 30 minutes to donate, but those 30 minutes, for someone on our island, could mean the difference between life and death.”

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    I’ve never needed a transfusion or know anyone who has beneffitted fron your generosity….but Thank You!

  2. Frank says:

    Thanks you very, very much!

  3. IGiveThanks says:

    I would like to Thank You for all the years that you all have donated blood. I had a blood transfusion several years ago and if it wasn’t for folks like you I would not be here today. So to this I say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! God Bless!!

  4. Terry says:

    I guess I gave at least 20 pints during the 60′s-70′s.

    And yes I was a recipient of donated blood in the late 80′s.


  5. Bald & The Beauty Full says:

    Thanks very much to these generous people and thanks to the volunteers, paid staff and current donors.

    Please, please, please people they need donors. It costs you nothing but your time. I was there a few days ago and they were short on donors. The Zica virus has prevented them from taking blood from people that have traveled to effected countries within a certain time frame (I can’t remember how long).

    An hour of your time can give someone their life back.

  6. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The first time I gave blood for a soldiers Mother,I was serving in the then, Bermuda regiment .
    There were twelve other times I answered the calling,there were times when i took most of the afternoon to recover.
    Then they stopped calling me may be when you get to a certain age it was thought that you had done your bit.

    May I take this opportunity to welcome you as a blood donor it is not for fame or fortune only the pure satisfaction that you
    will do good.

    I am not really a “junk yard dog”. I am a donor !