Woman Guilty Of Theft Sentenced To Four Years

June 28, 2016

Appearing in Court today [June 28], Ms Devore Brangman, now 55, was sentenced to four years in prison after admitting her guilt and being convicted in Supreme Court.

Ms Brangman had originally been charged with stealing $434,000 worth of credit balances and transferring these balances to her personal account while she was employed as the accounts manager for a dental practice.

However, in a plea bargain, before the commencement of her Supreme Court trial, Ms Brangman admitted one count of stealing $157,000 and accepted that another $78,000 should be taken into account. Together the two amounts add up to $235,000.

At her sentencing today, Justice Carlyle Greaves said that he could not accept the Defence Counsel’s submission for a sentence between two and three years, but, given the nature of the crime, would hand down the high end of the three to four year recommendation of the Crown.

Justice Greaves said the particular nature of this crime was that Ms Brangman was stealing from a hardworking man and his employees solely in order to fund her elevated lifestyle by moving from a $1,600 a month apartment to one costing $3,600 a month; pay for her child’s private school education at an overseas institution; and for several gambling trips to Las Vegas.

Ms Brangman had been free on bail, and her prison sentence commenced today. When asked if she had anything to say, Ms Brangman said only that she apologized and would like to tell her employer that she was sorry.

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