Chewstick Grateful For BFRS “Brave Response”

July 21, 2016

Chewstick — whose building has sustained extensive damage in this morning’s fire on Front Street — said via Facebook that they are “grateful to the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service for their brave response.”

Saying they will release more information once a damage assessment has been completed, the group is asking for “support from the Chewfam and broader community” in the form of donations.

National Security Minister Jeff Baron on scene speaking with Gavin Smith and other Chewstick members

Baron speaking with Chewstick personnel Bermuda July 21 2016 (1)

All events scheduled to take place at the Culture Hub, located at 81 Front Street, have been canceled until further notice. Donations to Chewstick can be made via their website. You can view our ongoing updates of the fire here and all our coverage here.

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Man, this sucks. I know they have had a lot of troubles in the past but this is one hell of setback. I hope they (and the neighbouring businesses) are able to recover.

  2. paperboy says:

    So sorry to hear about the immediate impact of this fire on our Cultural Institution and everyone else directly effected. Time to come together and move forward.

    Thanks to all the emergency services helping out.

  3. Mark Phillips says:

    This is such sad news.

  4. Donna says:

    First of all, well done to BFRS for their outstanding work in containing this massive blaze to one building! It could have been a situation where the whole block could have gone up in flames! Well done!

    Secondly, my heart goes out to all the businesses that operated out of this building. I can’t imagine the shock of seeing what can be essentially your life’s work literally going up in smoke! I’m especially reaching out to Gavin Smith & the Chewstick family. To have worked so hard to get The Hub to where you wanted it to be & then to have it taken from you is gut wrenching to say the least. But as Gavin said, Chewstick is the people – Chewfam! I believe Chewfam & everyone who saw and appreciated what you’ve done will be there for you when you all are ready to move forward.