Ocean Tech Marine Project To Help Save Oceans

July 7, 2016

This week, a team of leading scientists, conservationists and media specialists launched a global marine research project called Ocean Tech to help save the world’s oceans, and their first port of call is Bermuda next year.

Bringing together oceanographic experts and unique cutting-edge underwater vehicles, Ocean Tech will reveal new behaviour and critical habitats of important marine species.

Ocean Tech’s Chief Scientist, Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley BIOS PhD, said, “Determining critical habitats of key marine species is crucial in justifying new marine protected areas to policymakers. The health of our oceans affects every person on this planet and marine protected areas are our greatest weapon in the fight to save marine species from extinction.”

Ocean Tech Bermuda July 2016 (2)

The project’s Chief Engineer, Amy L. Kukulya, said, “Ocean Tech will use a suite of pioneering technologies, including the REMUS-100 – a unique autonomous underwater vehicle, to reveal never-before-seen behaviour of some of the most charismatic species on our planet.”

A spokesperson said, “Ocean Tech’s first mission is planned to take place next year off the remote Atlantic island of Bermuda. With its globally important seagrass meadows, coral reefs, mangrove swamps and underwater caves, it’s not surprising that the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda plays a vital role in the lives of dusky sharks, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks, spotted eagle rays, giant tarpon and humpback whales.

“In fact, the annual total economic value of Bermuda’s coral reefs [based on tourism, coastal protection, recreation, culture, amenity, fisheries, research and education] is over $720M USD.

OV_TIGER TAG D0139 Ocean Tech Bermuda July 2016

“Without data, it’s very difficult to justify marine protected areas to policymakers. The rapid acquisition of tangible data and the education of the general public are Ocean Tech ’s core goals.

“We are looking forward to the end of the month when we will be in Bermuda to discuss the significant Ocean Tech sponsorship opportunity with many of the island’s most recognised corporations and businesses,” said Ocean Tech’s Executive Director, Andrew Smith.

“Ocean Tech has been endorsed by and will collaborate with several leading scientific institutions including the IUCN, WCPA, National Marine Sanctuaries, Guy Harvey Research Institute, the Sargasso Sea Commission, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and BIOS.”

President and CEO of BIOS, William B. Curry, said, “In most regions of the world, high-quality data and unbiased scientific analysis would be required to justify the establishment of MPAs and demonstrate their efficacy to the various stakeholders.”

“As well as justifying marine protected areas, Ocean Tech is planning a global education programme and international media campaign to inspire ocean conservationists of the future.”

“Ocean Tech is a powerful scientific research project aimed to gather crucial data that governments and conservation organizations need to implement marine protected areas. It’s a platform for action and global inspiration; providing a unique window into the secret lives of our planets most iconic marine species: whales, dolphins and sharks,” said Jean-Michel Cousteau, President- Ocean Futures Society.

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  1. Real Deal says:

    65k people a tinny dot in the Atlantic I think we are doing just fine we not sending anything into extinction. They need to go check Florida and their toxic algae. Bermuda is hardly the place to start. I hope this is not a growth limiting program. we need to increase our fisheries. that’s what could be going back in those emptily container ships so that shipping can be cheaper in Bermuda.

    Bermuda we need to be thinking about growth we have the resource.