Golf Outreach Summer Program Continues

July 26, 2016

Two weeks of the Red Laser ‎Golf Outreach Summer Program is now history, with the July segment culminating with a 9 Hole Captains Choice, Developmental Golf Tournament and a free Outreach Golf Clinic for parents with juniors.

Red Laser owner Joseph Calauro, and his family, were on hand at the conclusion of the day to welcome participants.

“We thank the parents and children who turned up and participated in the Red Laser Golf Outreach Developmental Free Golf Clinic at Port Royal Golf Course at 3pm Sunday July 24th – this additional feature was a free golf 45 minute golf clinic,” a spokesperson said. “We are most appreciative of the families who stopped by Port Royal and experience the game of golf.

Winning Team: Samson Douglas, Jackson Scott, Zekia Smith & Kim Swan [missing Wayne Daniel] 

Red Laser July Developmental Tournament Bermuda July 2016

The clinic which was conducted by former PGA European Tour Player Kim Swan, who is a teaching golf professional at the Port Royal Golf Course’s Developmental Program.

It provided an opportunity for Mr Swan to share his knowledge learned over 45 years competing, with those in attendance treated to a passionate and informative presentation.

Mr Swan said, “We consider it vital for us to convey to parents the ethos of our coaching at Port Royal – we are avid proponents of parents learning to golf and playing with their children – however when it comes to the development of their children/juniors we encourage parents to allow the teaching of the game to be conducted by a qualified PGA Golf Professional of their choice.”

Weeks 3 to 5 of the Red Laser Junior Golf Outreach are set to ‎continue in August with participation of vacation bible schools, camps and individuals.

‎Tournament Summary:

  • 1st Place Tied 35 [-1] Samson Douglas, Wayne Daniel‎, Jackson Scott, Zekia Smith.
  • ‎Winner by retrogression of the Red Laser Developmental Golf Tournament at Port Royal
  • 35 [-1] ‎Earl Stevens, Dr Leroy Simmons, Gavin Stevens, ‎Michael Weeks
  • 35 [-1] ‎Mikus Ming, Rebecca Haak, Walter Jackson
  • 4th Place – 37 [+1] Marcus Betschart, Benjamin Betschart, Tamara/Darina Betschart & Oliver Betschart
  • 5th Place – ‎39 [+3] ‎Alison, Steve Watson, Eleanor Watson &Tom Hyland-Hawkins
  • ‎6th Place – 40 [+4] Justin Levine, Liam Chan, Rebecca Schouler, Jennifer Levine

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