Column: ‘Trumpets Little, While Many Struggle’

October 16, 2018

[Opinion column written by Michael Dunkley]

I read with interest the Opinion by Senator Caesar titled “Been Busy Expanding Opportunities.” This article is another PLP media release that trumpets little while many Bermudians continue to struggle and lack opportunities.

I am not surprised by the attack on the former OBA Government and, again in this article, the continued attempt to undermine the building of the new airport terminal and the America’s Cup. Let us not forget that in spite of the PLP not being able to unearth anything of substance to rightfully challenge the contract for the development they continue to spread misinformation.

It is a fact that the project to date is progressing well, countless Bermudians are working on the site, there are training opportunities for Bermudians and the development has been met with international acclaim. This brings to mind an old saying “when in a deep hole it’s best to stop digging.”

Yet instead of heeding good advice, the PLP doubled down and upon assuming the Government commissioned a consultants review of the airport project which they hoped and prayed would provide them with the ammunition they wanted so badly to back up their unsubstantiated claims. That backfired badly as it essentially validated the contract signed by the OBA.

In regards to the America’s Cup, the Trump-like comment used was that it was “a raft up for billionaires.” Really? This mammoth undertaking was a big success for Bermuda and Bermudians, it received worldwide coverage and improved the economy and lives of Bermudians. These are facts.

Yet instead of capitalizing on the event and leveraging future opportunities, such as the massive potential of super-yachts, the PLP as the government continue to belittle this significant achievement and the tireless commitment of thousands of Bermudians who made the success possible and by doing so portrayed our island home in such a positive light to over 150 countries and 450 million people around the world!

However, I note the Senator’s weak attempt to trumpet achievements over the past year such as the Tourism Investment Act, which was developed under the OBA, and support for the Bermuda Heroes Weekend, which the OBA supported fully since inception. However, glaring in omission from the article is a mention of bitcoin or cryptocurrency, a third pillar of the economy according to the PLP.

Sadly, while Premier Burt has said on many occasions that they have learned from their previous time in government and recently as opposition, the often used excuse was repeated once again that the PLP did not cause the worldwide economic downturn of 2008.

That is a fact, but the policies and action of the PLP Government were a significant factor for the Bermuda economy going into a deep funk, which the OBA corrected by first righting the ship and then steering the island into calmer seas and a much healthier position.

The PLP Government need to get on in dealing with the lack of opportunities for Bermudians and strengthening our community. Bermuda is worse off today than in 2017 and many have less confidence in Bermuda. With all the challenges we face it is sad that the PLP continues with the politics of “manufactured division.”

These tactics remind me of a comment made by President Obama in 2008 when he rightly criticized Republicans in saying “If you do not have a record to run on then paint your opponent as someone people should run from…” This sums up the PLP but we must do better.

- Michael Dunkley


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  1. 2 Bermudas says:

    The only person better off now than they were in 2017 is Ewart Brown, fact!!

    De titty milk is real!!

    • Unbelievable says:

      Oh please…E.B. has always been in a good position. No one is worried about him.

      And that Obama quote is pretty spot on when talking about the PLP.

      • Yeah yea says:

        Clear and consise but accuses the PLP of a “manufactured division” really? With a straight face you say that like your original UBP party and followers are the manufacturers of racism in Bermuda. And you wonder why you got voted out in the way you did. It was your party who tried to make benevolence of evil slave masters by trying to paint them as good. Really sir you really need to retire and keep quiet. Everything Senator Ceasar said was true and the more you lie to yourself that it isn’t only proves our point more about you and your kind

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          LMAO shows how much you really know if you TRULY believe EVERYTHING was true that Ceasar said smfh…

        • serviceindustry says:

          And Boom! There’s the inclusion of racism into the argument where previously there was none.

          Always the same when there is no real defence to what has been written.

        • sandgrownan says:

          “..your original UBP party and followers are the manufacturers of racism in Bermuda…”


          • YES!!!!!!!!!! says:

            CV Jim Woolridge stated in his book some famous words. “Those little white boys don’t mind you being in charge as long as they can tell you what to do!

        • Anbu says:

          So almost two years in office and all theyve done is make more “plans”. And u are seriously ok with that?! Smh. Newsflash. PLP are government. Tell them fix it.

        • Facts over Political hats!! says:

          PLP… . Stay focus on achieving your goals for the people.

          DO not get side focus on DUNKLEY OBAubp gang who did nothing for the people

          AC did nothing much, if it did where are all the 2000 jobs promised by them…

          PLP Continue to remain focus and push on to achieve for the PEOPLE OF BERMUDA


        • Jt says:

          No. Not everything the Senator said was true.

    • Rhonda says:

      Post 2012 had E.B as a Dr. Reached his full finance allotment established by those who feel they are so privilege to set.

      A.C saw more than 100k of public spending.. no crap everything was up. Now we have to pay it all back..

      Plus rebuild all the public services that was raided and neglected to ensure its sucess.

      • digitaldave says:

        And now perhaps try again in English?

      • sandgrownan says:

        Oh my, aren’t you bitter. Couldn’t get off your self to get involved? Or did you want it all handed to you on a platter?

      • 2 Bermudas says:

        Another one who loves de titty milk! Ha ha ha!!

      • Jt says:


      • Toodle-oo says:

        Still repeating the +$100mil lie.
        It was under budget at between $59 and $64 mil with a return of $335mil
        How many times must you and OJ be told ?
        You’re living the ‘Tell a big lie and keep repeating it’ syndrome.

      • inna says:

        So rhonde, the tune has changed now… what key are we in again? F flat??

        First it was 100m of wasted money.

        Now because that money was spent, its no wonder everything was up (im guessing you mean retail sales etc).

        Third we now have to pay that 100m back? To Who?

        Fourth, i do not see any rebuilding of public services going on, do you? Before i clicked on this story i was just reading how there are 86 bus runs canceled today.

        Welcome to PLP round 2! I hope you have some money saved up!

  2. Kim Smith says:

    2 Bermudas – If Wayne Caines’ comment was so offensive (as it was… as well as a sign of a very immature man), please stop using the phrase.

    Michael Dunkley’s piece is clear and concise.

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      I’ll stop using it when Wayne Caines resigns. Until then, de titty milk is real!!

      • YES!!!!!!!!!! says:

        & so is the end of the OBA/ubp.

        • 2 Bermudas says:

          Another one who loves de titty milk. In about 2 years time people like you will be begging for the OBA to come in and save the day just like in 2012. Only this time it may be too late. Better stock up on your titty milk!! Ha ha ha!!

  3. Hypocrisy at its finest says:

    Hey Dunkley when you create them 2000 jobs you and your brood promised, then you can talk and criticize someone else’s progress…

    • Troll says:

      What progress? Nothing happening on island bruh

    • question says:

      At least the OBA created jobs, plenty of them, and they turned the economy around from recession to growth.

      The PLP have not created a single job. They have however turned the economy around. It was growing, and now it’s shrinking.

      • What?? says:

        Total Filled Jobs
        Aug. 2012 – 35,443
        Aug. 2017 – 33,653

        The Bermuda Job Market Employment Briefs

        • Question says:

          And how many jobs created by the PLP?
          Answer: None. Zero.

          • What?? says:

            Zero new jobs is better than 2000 less jobs.

            • sandgrownan says:

              WTF am I reading?

            • question says:

              The economy continued to shrink for the first couple of years after the PLP disaster years. It took some time to correct it. Eventually the OBA turned it around and the economy started to grow. The recession ended.
              Now, after the PLP being back in power for a year, the economy is shrinking again.
              You notice the pattern?

            • Double S says:

              The PLP lost 2000 jobs in 2012 alone.

              And yet you still vote for them.

      • Real talk says:

        Micheal Dunkely goes down as the WORST UBP/OBA Premier. Did he forget about the loss he and the rest of the clowns received July 2017. LOL.

        Now his party has been hijacked by Craig Trump.

        • cpm says:

          Ewrat brought in illegal immigrants-no peoples campaign march led by work permit tweed

      • Facts over Political hats!! says:

        More jobs under PLP than the old gang of the OBAUBP




    • productionline says:

      Ahhhh, very clever. So by promising no new jobs, nobody can accuse you of failure when you hit that target.

    • sandgrownan says:

      What progress?

    • Anbu says:

      They dont have to. They arent the government. How many jobs has burt and co created again? That wasnt created by riding the coat tails of the previous admin of course.

  4. inna says:

    Most people (i hope) are looking forward and not back… what is the PLP doing today to create jobs ?

  5. Julius says:

    I agree, Senator Caesar used juvenile and uninformed language. A billionaire’s raft up helped us more than the PLP Platinum period.

  6. watching says:

    Was Michael Dunkley not the Premier for the last 3 years of the OBA reign? How many Bermudians were better off during that period? Where are the 2000 jobs that he promised?
    What did he do to increase the quality of life for Bermudians?

  7. Rhonda says:

    Can the govt coffers afford another A.C. type event..

    • question says:

      Let’s think. If we could finance something that would cost $68m in investment over several years, and it returned $335m, would that be a good idea?

      Or would we do better to just give money away, $1.2m at a time?

    • Retro says:

      Better question would be could the present government pull it off while simultaneously reducing the deficit ? I have my doubts.

    • Jt says:

      Absolutely. In fact they better come up with one the way they’re spending and taxing.

    • inna says:

      That same 100m spent by the OBA would have be 500m if spent by the PLP. Suck on that!!

  8. Bullwinkle T. Mooseknuckle says:

    Ahhhm suffrin likah boaconstrictah!

  9. A Voice for Change says:

    Both governments are at fault for the state this island is in. I just wish both parties will stop playing these school yard games and come together to better this island. Better its time for the younger generation the ones with a clear vision to turn this island around.

  10. Um.... says:

    OBA may not have created 2000 jobs but we are all still waiting for the PLP and cryptocurrency to create 1 job. These MOUs are meaningless at the moment.

  11. Grateful says:

    Hey Mike. You are doing the same thing you accuse the PLP of doing. Please go away. Please.

  12. Dready says:

    The PLP has increased taxes on poor people and healthcare costs continue to go up. Money for travel and to give to Ewart. How much, only $1.2 million. No money to help seniors, just money for aceboys. We Bermudians must be some kind of dumb!

  13. Dunkley was a great part of the suffrage of/towards born Bermudians. Now, he stoically stands attempting to blow his own trumpet. Has he forgotten his atrocious reign of terror, simply saying that his hands were tied??
    Who is he kidding?
    Notably, himself ONLY!!
    End your disastrous antics.
    You were never cut out to be a politician, only to destroy BORN BERMUDIANS!!

    • Not so straightforward says:

      I seriously feel sorry for you. That narrow mindset is what will be the down fall of our precious island. The saddest part of all is that people at the lower end of the economic scale are the ones that will suffer the most from the PLP’s lack of economic plans. It happened the last time and will only be worse this time. Doesn’t matter if you’re a born Bermudian of not.

    • sandgrownan says:

      “..atrocious reign of terror…”

      Exactly how were you terrorised? What specifically?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        She’s been asked over and over but refuses to reply . Same on the ‘smashing people up’ remark.
        But for some reason her repeated lies make it through all the time.
        She’s obviously of the mind that if she keeps repeating them they’ll become fact.

  14. Not so straightforward says:

    BTW…how much of DREB’s $1.2M went to you? Bet you got nothing like the rest of us taxpayers who have bankrolled him all the way to the bank.

  15. Rocky5 says:

    PLP and their surrogates are being VERY DEFENSIVE! Tells me they realise that there’s LESS jobs for Bermudians, economy is shrinking, IB is pissed-off, Debt is going up again, they’re overspending, gaming is going nowhere, NO NEW construction projects, Health Insurance going UP, Dr. Brown being paid 1.2 MILLION and they DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT ANYTHING – other than blame OBA…

  16. Athena says:

    It is interesting that the definition of SUFFRAGE is: The right of voting in a political election. I stress the word right.

    The comment from STRAIGHTFORWARD says” Dunkley was a great part of the suffrage of/towards born Bermudians.” By this statement he is saying that Mr. Dunkley was greatly involved in born Bermudians right of voting.

    Conversely today, through the up coming court case our present government seeks to take away a right. One which has been twice ruled a human right.

    What does that say about the present politicians in the HOA?

  17. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Oh so well said, Rocky 5. I am so concerned about the future of our beautiful island.

  18. Truth says:

    Mr. Michael Dunkley you need to stop this talk and retire. All your doing is causing a bigger rift between whites and blacks. That is the only reason why the Oba failed last election. Black Bermudians that once voted UBP and Oba have flipflopped over to PLP.

    The OBA is majority white and the PLP is majority black because of people like you. If you fail to see this, lets just say the Oba will never win. Your not the man in charge anymore and will never be again. TRUST ME.

    Allow the Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier to speak for the party, you sound bitter and you want Mr. Cannonier to failed as bad as you did.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      OK , so when people state facts it creates a racial divide ?
      Got it .
      You must never have seen it said before ‘ attack the messenger but not the message’ ?

  19. sandgrownan says:

    Dunkley Derangement Syndrome on full display here!

    You utter pricks, the only thing that will save Bermuda is more people here, creating more demand for goods and services. And you marched on Parliament. Idiots.

    Enjoy economic slavery.

  20. Erwin says:

    One thing about Michael, it’s all about Michael, always has been, always will be. This is a guy who has taken political parties to annihilation twice, lost general elections big time for both as leader, is at a point now where his own colleagues want rid of him so they can move on, and he still refuses to go away. One might point out too that both in and out of Government, he has been devoid of dynamic, original, thoughtful ideas.

  21. Humphrey says:

    Go Mr Mike you’re trying to get the people to see what’s gonna happen if the plp don’t a hold of the national debt,and educating the people on how this country is run,and how much for an investment is needed to make this country work ,educate the people,write the plp is like Trump keeping their base blind and using them instead of educating just waiting

  22. What says:

    Go away Michael! You are irrelevant and are damaging our party’s chances of competing with the PLP! Just shut up! Please!!!!