Bermuda Cricket Board Holds Prize Presentation

October 24, 2016

The Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] held their Prize Presentation recently at the Goslings Wine Cellar, with numerous players being recognised, including Mr. Leroy “Tubby” Richardson — the oldest living Cup Match veteran — who was awarded the BCB Lifetime Achivement Award.

BCB 2016 Cricket Awards Bermuda Oct 22 2016 TC

President of the BCB, Mr. Lloyd Fray stated, “We are extremely pleased to recognise the clubs, scorers, umpires and teams who have shown an exemplary standard this season. Once again we appreciate Goslings for providing their beautiful wine cellar for this important occasion.

“I would like to thank Logic for continuing to build our partnership with us to to highlight the individual successes of both Premier and 1st Division players during the season in addition to partnering with the clubs to help support local communities by providing free internet. I would also like to thank the many others, especially the volunteers who contribute to the success of cricket in Bermuda.”

Junior Minister of Social Development and Sport Nandi Outerbridge stated, “Cricket is one of our national sports and a major part of the culture of our country. I am pleased to recognise the support of good corporate citizens like Logic Communicatins, BELCO and Gametime. Their contribution allows us to celebrate the achievements of our senior and youth players participating in our domestic programs.

“I commend the hosts, Goslings and Chivas, for working with the BCB to encourage sportsmanship and the ‘spirit of cricket.’ It is critical that we continue to ensure that the values and this great game are honoured by all those who are fortuante to take some part in it.

“Sport plays a major contribution in developing a cohesive and healthy culture and opens up avenues of communication amongst all members of our community. Cricket in particular teaches the values of sportsmanship, fair-play, respect and dedication and I am pleased to see such laudable attributes being celebrated tonight.”

Logic First Division Most Catches

  • 7 Logan Phillips – Flatt’s Victoria
  • 7 Jordan DeSilva – Somerset Cricket Club
  • 7 Lamont Brangman – Devonshire Recreation Club

Logic Premier Division Most Catches

  • 11 Janeiro Tucker – Southampton Rangers

Logic First Division Most Runs

  • 408 Jordan DeSilva – Somerset Cricket Club

Logic Premier Division Most Runs

  • 482 Allan Douglas – St. David’s Cricket Club

Logic 100 Runs Club

  • Jordan DeSilva – Somerset Cricket Club
  • Terryn Fray – Bailey’s Bay
  • Allan Douglas, Delyone Borden & Justin Pitcher – St. David’s Cricket Club
  • Temiko Wilson – Western Stars
  • Dean Stephens & Kwasi James – Willow Cuts

Logic First Division Most Wickets

  • 22 Paul Carr – Flatt’s Victory
  • 22 Maccai Simmons – St. George’s Cricket Club

Logic Premier Division Most Wickets

  • 29 Vernon Eve – Southampton Rangers
  • 29 Dean Stephens – Willow Cuts

Logic Most Wicketkeeper Dismissals

  • 14 Ricardo Brangman – Southampton Rangers
  • 14 Temiko Wilson – Western Stars

Logic Wicketkeeper of the Year

  • Temiko Wilson – Western Stars

Best Hosted Venue

  • St. David’s Cricket Club

Best Tea Award

  • Southampton Rangers

Bermuda Cricket Board Scorekeeper of the Year

  • Samantha Robinson – St. David’s Cricket Club

Emerging Umpire of the Year

  • Alex Knight

Umpire of the Year

  • Melvin Best

Groundsman of the Year

  • Reid Jones – Somerset Cricket Club

Emerging Player of the Year

  • Nyhrobi Carmichael

First Division Highest Individual Score

  • 120 Jordan DeSilva – Somerset Cricket Club

Premier Division Highest Individual Score

  • 131 Terryn Fray – Bailey’s Bay

First Division Individual Bowling Stats

  • Del Hollis – PHC

Premier Division Individual Bowling Stats

  • Vernon Eve – Southampton Rangers

Chivas Team Sportsmanship Award

  • Bailey’s Bay

First Division Coach of the Year

  • Jeff Richardson – Somerset Cricket Club

Premier Division Coach of the Year

  • George Cannonier – St. David’s Cricket Club

Special Coach Award

  • Calvin Waldron

Best Youth Programme Award

  • Bailey’s Bay Youth Programme

Volunteers of the Year

  • Kelly Smith & Russell Richardson

First Division MVP

  • Jordan DeSilva – Somerset Cricket Club

Premier Division MVP

  • Allan Douglas – St. David’s Cricket Club

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Leroy Tubby Richardson

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