Argus Donates $5,000 To Impact Mentoring

October 24, 2016

The Argus Group today announces a $5,000 donation to Impact Mentoring Academy, a full-time school for boys aged 11 to 18 years that aims to empower young men to discover and develop their unique potential.

Impact Mentoring Academy is a private academy with a mission to graduate productive citizens and prolific agents of social change. It also is a registered charity.

The Argus donation will help to support the school’s Trades Programme, an initiative that offers students the opportunity to train under professionals across various industries in an effort to prepare them for the workforce.

The Trades Programme is divided between a landscaping component that teaches students through hands-on lessons in a garden in Flatts, a hospitality offering in partnership with Bermuda Hospitality Institute that culminates in the catering and presentation of a three-course dinner for parents and the school’s donors and, finally, an HVAC component in partnership with Air Care that teaches the students about air conditioning and the jobs available in the technical, mechanical and engineering field. The Argus donation will cover the cost of travel, tools and equipment for the effective operation of the programme.

Chris Crumpler, Executive Director, Impact Mentoring Academy, and Lauren Bell, Executive Vice President of Life & Pensions at the Argus Group

Impact Mentoring Donation Bermuda October 2016

Chris Crumpler, Executive Director, Impact Mentoring Academy, says: “Unlocking potential and releasing destiny is our school’s motto and the Trades Programme is a key part of doing this.

“Our goal goes further than offering our students an experience, instead we strive to find what it is each young man is passionate about in an effort to help cultivate the skills that will help him succeed both in work and in life.

“I would like to thank Argus for their donation to Impact Mentoring Academy; their contribution helps us train and mentor our young men into well-rounded future leaders of the community.”

Lauren Bell, Executive Vice President of Life & Pensions at the Argus Group, says: “I commend Impact Mentoring Academy for offering their students real-world practical experience.

“Argus is proud to sponsor their Trades Programme, an excellent teaching model that will grow the boys’ confidence, introduce them to professionals in a number of fields and perhaps even spark a life-long passion. At Argus, we understand that young people are our future and to support them in their endeavors is to invest in the success of Bermuda.”

For more information about Impact Mentoring Academy, visit

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