14 Employees Complete Cylinder Programme

November 7, 2016

Today Bermuda Gas & Utility Company Limited announced the recent certification of fourteen Bermuda Gas and RUBiS employees, with each of them successfully passed a Composite Cylinder Retesting Training Programme.

An overseas LPG composite cylinder expert, Jonas Berglund, was brought in by Bermuda Gas to train and certify the Bermudian team in the areas of; Periodic Requalification, Visual Inspection, Marking, Valving, Leak Testing and Exchanging Casing Parts.

He has been working in the composite LPG cylinder industry for more than 16 years, of which the last 4 years have been spent in the North American market.

Since 2004, he has been deeply involved in the development of multiple national, European and International standards for the design and use of composite pressure vessels.

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Berglund is currently a member of various committees, helping the US LPG industry and regulators to develop, modify and implement appropriate rules, standards and regulations.

Mr. Graham Redford, Managing Director of RUBiS, said: “For over 70 years, Bermuda Gas has been supplying residences and businesses alike with propane gas.

“We are committed to safety so it is imperative that our staff is properly trained and certified in all areas of commercial and residential supply.”

“We are extremely proud that all fourteen Bermuda Gas and RUBiS certified employees are Bermudian, and that we stay committed to training Bermudians.

“No other local company that provides LPG composite cylinder refills has invested in this type of training, and it is this ongoing training that sets us apart. “

Ernest Marshall, Gas Operations Manager of Bermuda Gas & Utility said: “Composite LPG cylinders are designed as the modern alternative to the traditional cylinders.

“Suitable for a variety of applications, both industrial and for home users, composite cylinders are made from advanced polymeric and composite materials combining safety, quality, design and innovation into the future standard for gas containment.

“The Hexagon Ragasco cylinders used by Bermuda Gas have the safest track-record in the industry and prove to be lighter, safer and rust-free. Speaking personally, it was a great experience to complete this training programme”.

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