Bermuda Gas Delivery & Safety Tip Notes

October 15, 2014

[Updated] With Hurricane Gonzalo approaching the island, Bermuda Gas is advising its customers that emergency delivery requests cannot be fulfilled until after the storm has passed.

A spokesperson for Bermuda Gas said, “Bermuda Gas wishes to advise customers that no further emergency delivery requests can be accommodated prior to the arrival of Hurricane Gonzalo. Any requests received will be placed on an emergency list for the next available delivery after the storm has passed.”

Update Oct 16, 11.59am: As we anticipate the arrival of Hurricane Gonzalo, Bermuda Gas would like to remind the public about some basic preparations that should be made,” according to Chief Operating Officer & General Manager, Judith Uddin.

“Prior to winds reaching any speed that would make venturing outside dangerous, customers should turn off the gas at their cylinders and tanks. Attention should also be paid to securing empty or light cylinders, as they could become airborne during high winds.


  • Never store gas cylinders inside;
  • Never use outdoor appliances (like barbecues) indoors as they can produce dangerous carbon monoxide.

“Should Bermuda experience severe storm damage in the coming days, we would ask for the co-operation of the public to ensure that telephone calls to Bermuda Gas are limited to genuine, emergency situations only. [A complete list of emergency contacts can be found at] This will help us to maintain the safety of all customers and staff,” explained Mrs. Uddin.

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