Minister: ‘Building Is Safe To Be Occupied’

November 30, 2016

The Health and Safety Officer has advised that the T.N Tatem school building is “safe to be occupied and there are no imminent health and safety concerns,” however his report “underscores the need for thorough cleaning, electrical repairs, and repairing leaks and replace damaged ceiling tiles.”

This is according to Minister of Education Wayne Scott, who said: “I have met with the Government Health and Safety Officer to review his facilities inspection report at T. N. Tatem Middle School.

“The Health and Safety Officer has advised that school building is safe to be occupied and there are no imminent health and safety concerns based on the report.

“This report, however, underscores the need for thorough cleaning, electrical repairs, and repairing leaks and replace damaged ceiling tiles amongst other maintenance issues.

“I have asked our facilities team and the Ministry of Public Works team to prepare a full plan by December 9th including a timeline for addressing all items that been identified in the report.

“I can assure parents, teachers, staff and students that we will address these within the timeframe that has been set by the Health and Safety Officer. The issues raised will have to be agreed on by the Health and Safety Officer and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Works.

“Like the SCORE report which focused on primary schools, this report has been most helpful and will assist us in directing the remediation work that will be carried out at T.N. Tatem. It is my intention to have a similar inspection at middle schools within the public school system.

“In keeping with my commitment to share this information with everyone, I have asked for the full report to be posted tomorrow on the Ministry website at “

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  1. wahoo says:

    This is good news.

  2. T says:

    Alas…..though the staff have expressed concern about all of these items for years…..we now await another period for the ministries to agree when the work will.. begin? Or the other question, who will pay for it….smh.

    Many lies have been shared by this group of people.

    • hmmm says:

      Agree, that Lovita, just reacts to score baseless points…can’t trust her or any of them.

  4. Kathy says:

    So, if there is a need for “thorough cleaning”, there could possibly be a problem with mold as the representatives of the school have indicated? What else would W&E have to clean that the janitors don’t already clean. Therefore, if there is a problem with mold it would not be safe to enter the school until it is thoroughly cleaned. No?

  5. RyZen says:

    So if this Health and Safety Officer feels that his statements are true, let’s see them relocate their workspace inside the sickest part of the school building. (So many teachers and children have been suffering with illnesses related to mold contamination, even one of my own children). So I challenge these “Health and Safety Officers” to do their job better and stop lying to the people. Obviously, this issue was a lot more severe than they stated in this article. Even they seemed to contradict themselves by stating that the building was in “the need for thorough cleaning”, beyond what the janitorial staff could manage themselves. Would that not also lead one to believe that mold could be the reason for this “thorough cleaning”? Time to make our children and those tasked to teach them a PRIORITY Government. Our children our this Island’s future.

    • RyZen says:

      That should have read: “Our children are this Island’s future.”