Video: ‘Near Miss’ Capsize For Oracle Team USA

November 6, 2016

With wind speeds near 25 knots on Tuesday [Nov 1], it was a challenging day for Oracle Team USA as it continued its testing program, with the conditions leading to a near-capsize of an AC45S catamaran.

Helmsman Tom Slingsby explained, “It was blowing 22 to 25 knots. We did a bear away, we were doing 42 to 43 knots. We got stable out of the bear away but then we had a bit of a moment.”

“We got hit by a big gust, got a lot of heel. In that moment when you have a big nosedive in a catamaran, your natural reaction is to let the wind sheet go and ease the sails, but it’s actually the worst thing you can do.”

“Tom Johnson [wing trimmer] did a great job. He called for the grinders to grind the wing back in and stall the wing. We ended up saving a capsize and seeing what we can and can’t do in the boats.”

Tom Johnson responded by saying, “It wasn’t me. It was a team effort.”

The team added, “Another lesson learned and more data points in our pursuit to design, build and race the fastest America’s Cup boat we can.”

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