Judicial Review For Rev Tweed’s Work Permit

January 19, 2017

Following a ruling made on an application, the Courts are now due to review the matter of Reverend Nicholas Tweed’s work permit.

Rev N Tweed

“Reverend Nicholas Tweed will not be leaving Bermuda anytime soon, after Chief Justice Dr. Ian Kawaley blocked the decision of Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, and assures that the embattled preacher will have at least another day in court,” ZBM reported last night.

In response to the ruling, Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin said, “As I stated in my press conference of January 6th ‘the next step in the appeals process is to seek a judicial review.’

“The AME Church and Rev. Tweed have availed themselves of this option, and as such, it should now be left to the Courts to review the matter and make a ruling.”

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  1. Truth says:

    My work permit is up next month – I’m so glad I don’t have to leave!! Thanks Tweed, this means I get to stay forever!!

  2. Joonya says:

    make the liar and his church pay for it..

  3. Politricks says:

    Slippery slope.

    If the judicial review is in Mr. Genevieve’s favor, that opens the doors for all work permit holders to disregard work permit requirements.

  4. name_required says:

    mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….just leave already.