‘We Hope That This Dispute Is Resolved Swiftly’

January 4, 2017

“We wish to express our deep concern over the increasingly polarised nature of the issues surrounding the OBA’s decision to uphold the denial of a work permit for Reverend Tweed,” Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown said.

Mr Brown said, “We support Bishop Ingram’s call for Bermudians to embrace “peaceful co-existence” as this contentious issue is addressed.

“As Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, my hope is that the Bishop and government can come to a position where we can step back from the disastrous politics of brinkmanship which can only bring more damage than good.

“Current immigration policy allows for a waiver of advertising of jobs under specific conditions. Based on what has been in the public domain about the AME Church appointment protocols, it seems more than reasonable to allow such a waiver and grant the church the work permit renewal they are seeking.

“A PLP Government would clearly have handled this issue in a very different manner, recognizing the sensitivity of the issue and adhering to the current immigration policy and past practices.

“We would have sought to work with the AME Church and together, resolved this issue, without the need for demonstrations and acrimony.

“This issue highlights the need for a new approach in governance; toward one that is connected to the mood of the country, is inclusive, listens and seeks to address issues before they lead to conflict.

“We hope that, for the good of the country, this dispute is resolved swiftly.”

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