Bowen And Ming Complete FMA Programme

February 27, 2017

Gordon Bowen and Tekle Ming have each completed the BOMI Facilities Management Administrator [FMA] programme at the Bermuda College, returning to their jobs following their graduation.

Gordon Bowen works in the Facility Department at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, but hasn’t ruled out a supervisory position in his future.

Tekle Ming works full-time at Public Works, and is self-employed installing air conditioners. He believed he had reached a career plateau in his life, and was desirous of new horizons.

Both possessed a good set of technical skill sets, but lacked the certification to venture further.”

BOMI FMA Graduates Gordon Bowen and Tekle Ming

BOMI FMA Graduate Bowen and Ming Bermuda February 2017

They met one another at Bermuda College’s Professional and Career Education [PACE] Division to take on the challenge of the Building Owners & Managers Institute [BOMI] FMA programme.

BOMI is recognised internationally for its advanced education programmes that have become marks of distinction throughout the commercial property industry.

The FMA or Facilities Management Administrator designation is geared specifically for facilities professionals. Critical-need topics such as planning and project management, facilities technologies, finance and investment, environmental health and worker safety are comprehensively covered, and helps position facilities managers or those working in the field to become key strategic contributors within their organisations.

BOMI FMA Graduate Gordon Bowen

BOMI FMA Graduate Gordon Bowen certificate Bermuda February 2017

Both recently successfully completed the programme, after passing 8 exams with impressive scores. They now carry the FMA designation.

Sharing their experiences, they were quick to identify three high points: prepare for a challenge. Out of the 13 that started the semester at the same time Mr Bowen did, he is the only one who completed the three-year programme.

“On the average week, we’d have to read a 50-page chapter, review it and pass a quiz,” he recalled. “It’s very time consuming and definitely takes away from your family or social time.”

Mr. Ming said, “I found myself trying to find time to read the chapters – all new material – by the next class, all the time while working for myself. It was intense. Be prepared and willing to give up your time.”

As internationally certified BOMI FMA graduates, both Mr Bowen and Mr Ming received comprehensive training in every aspect of facilities management. Both admit that they never really understood or appreciated the scope and depth of the instruction until they were in it.

“After one or two semesters, you kind of hit your stride,” said Mr. Ming. “You get your confidence and you realise you can’t turn back. You don’t want to, and you start really appreciating your classmates. You have each other’s backs.”

BOMI FMA Graduate Teckle Ming

BOMI FMA Graduate Teckle Ming Bermuda February 2017

“If you feel yourself falling back, everyone pitches in to help.”

The programme is available on-line, but both preferred the face-to-face traditional classroom environment. BOMI International award-winning instructor and Bermudian Henry Ming came in for high praise.”

“He was a key factor in our success. He put on Saturday classes for us, so we would stay on track [without extra charge]. He deserves a lot of kudos,” they said. “We had to learn so many formulae. We were using them on the job, they were so much a part of us. Mr. Ming always had the class’ best interest at heart the whole time.”

Both Mr. Bowen and Mr. Ming have returned to their jobs, but have great expectations and see new horizons in their futures.

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  1. TSW says:

    Congrats Tek…strength & determination equals sucess!

  2. dj says:

    Congrats to both of you Mr Gordon Bowen FMA and Mr Teckle Ming FMA

  3. Say Whaat? says:

    “after passing 8 exams with impressive scores. They now carry the FMA designation.” Congrats to both men!!! Well deserved!

    Mr. Ming, Respice Finem!

  4. Iron sharpens Iron says:

    Congratulations Mr Bowen and Mr Ming on your BOMI certificates. Well done you both should be very proud of yourselves . May this also encourage others to follow in your footsteps

  5. biggadon says:

    Well done Gordon coming from the MAWI Squad !

  6. Tekle Ming says:

    Thank you all for the love I appreciate it.

    Respice Finem!!

  7. TimBuc says:

    Well done Tekel Berry!!!

  8. ThinkBig says:

    Well done Gordon, you worked very hard. We are so proud of you. You deserve this. Balancing work, family, and school.
    From your wife and child.

  9. Teacher says:

    Well done to both of you.

    Loyal Hill (Tekle) stand up

  10. Super Starr's says:

    Well done Gordon you deserved it. Awsome job.Those 8 test really payed off.