‘MPs Will Highlight Deficiencies In Legislation’

February 9, 2017

“The public can be confident that their PLP MPs will highlight the deficiencies in this legislation during the debate to protect the future of Bermuda,” Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt said this evening.

This comes as the debate on the Airport Development Concession Act 2016 and the Bermuda Airport Authority Act 2016 is scheduled to take place at the House of Assembly tomorrow [Feb 10].


Mr Burt said, “From the start of the OBA’s plans to privatise the airport, the PLP has fought for openness, transparency and an airport redevelopment that benefits Bermudians as a whole.

“The PLP has stood up for Bermudians using every vehicle at our disposal to force the OBA to do the right thing and come clean on the full details of this untendered deal.

“At every turn, the OBA government has denied the people’s representatives access to this information in a move that betrays the values of the democratic process.

“Despite the Minister of Finance being exposed for “fuzzying” up the numbers, repeated public outcry, seniors being pepper sprayed and hundreds of millions of profits going to a Canadian company the OBA intends to proceed with this deal.

“Now all that remains is for our parliamentary representatives to make the case in Parliament against this deal.

“The public can be confident that their PLP MPs will highlight the deficiencies in this legislation during the debate to protect the future of Bermuda.”

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  1. Lois Frederick says:

    Yes, please have your say. The Govt. will have its way, as the duly elected Government of Bermuda.

    • Truthofitall says:

      Thanks PLP and the Brilliance of Burt for Standing up for the People. The People hear you, and stand with you. We look forward to hearing the debate, and a powerful debate it will be. The people are looking forward to a Strong PLP government shortly. This issue has awaken many to the strength of the PLP as our new incoming government. Stay focus and continue to service the people. Thanks for working on behalf of the people. People Stand Together.

      • CCT says:

        Betty has a new name?? Ha! The brilliance of Burt!!!??? Joke, right?

      • sandgrownan says:

        The brilliance of Burt. This is the same brilliance that helped run up debt as junior finance minister. That brilliance? Right got it.

        The PLP almost ruined Bermuda, if they get anywhere near the levers of power, they’ll do it again.

    • mixitup says:

      This Gov’t will be out on its A** at the next election, they NEVER should have been given the opportunity to govern this country with they legecy they carry, when will we learn…

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        You act like this is a competition or gameshow. Be very careful of what you wish for…you can’t honestly believe the PLP are better with policies and actual governing than the OBA?! I’ll admit the communication from the OBA is **** but they know what they’re doing. Maybe they can’t connect to the grassroots of Bermuda but overall they are far better than the PLP, and you know it…

      • Just the Tip says:

        So the millions lost by the PLP with out any way of recovering them is what? You are just too blind or too in their pockets to see or care.

      • Spit Bouy says:

        @ mixitup,

        LOL. Yeah and we’ll all be living on our knees if the electorate vote the plp back into power anytime soon. They should never had a 2nd and 3rd term but they did and look what it got us. When will you ever learn!

        I’ll answer that myself, you wont. LMAO

      • Game Changer2017 says:

        Come back when you have improved your writing skills…

      • Rich says:

        What a great legacy …. keeping us from the brink of bankruptcy ….

    • Yes sit says:

      Just give it a rest. Bloody opposition is irritating me

  2. Justin says:

    If that’s the case then why wouldn’t a local company raise the capital and at least match the bid on the table? Methinks because there is a lot of risk for maybe not so much reward as this guy suggests…

    • So Silly says:

      Or the fact the OBA didn’t even try.

      They raised 50 million in a day 4 years ago, but they can’t raise $69 at 16%… OK, and I got a new causeway to sell you.

      • Justin says:

        What are you talking about? Since when did the OBA become a local CONTRACTOR?! Major difference between a private company and a government.

  3. Justin says:

    Call the election now before the Americas Cup. Let the people decide who they want to take us forward right now at such a critical juncture.

    • mixitup says:

      They won’t be so foolish, they need time to figure their way out of this pathetic term they’ve had…

  4. no love says:

    Lies, just more lies from the PLP

  5. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    Again with the “hundreds of millions of profits” lie, it is Burt’s constant persistence to play loose with numbers and financial terminology that convinces me every time that the PLP must never be allowed to have access to the public purse. They aren’t getting hundreds of million in profits, they are getting the hundreds of millions of dollars that they spend to build the airport back with interest, just like we would have to do with any other lender. It’s not profit until the expense has been removed, and if this basic notion has to be explained to a shadow finance minister, don’t let him become the finanace minister.

  6. Justice says:


    • Earth watch police says:

      Burt would have a hard time adding up a lemonade stand revenues.

  7. Brian says:

    Mr shameful of the 20 has finally reached decision day OBA put this to bed please

  8. swing voter says:

    okay, I clearly see whats going on here.

  9. Bullseye says:

    Lie Lie Lie Lie that is all the PLP do. It is not brilliance to lie outright to your own followers it is shameful.

  10. Jus' Wonderin' says:


  11. Spit Bouy says:

    ‘MPs Will Highlight Deficiencies In Legislation’

    Bingo, the penny finally drops and you realize what your job is and what you have been elected to do. It’s about time!. Your job Mr. Burt is to go into the house of assembly and point out deficiencies in the Govt bills and have it changed or withdrawn. It isn’t meant to collude with the your mates at the unions in your desperate attempts to bring down the elected government.

    Now go to work and earn the money that you get paid to be an MP.

  12. yummy says:

    Hopefully today: the low turnout will be a clear sign that this issue is over – the deal will be finalized in the House and in a few years’ time we’ll have an airport worthy of its name L. F. Wade International…

  13. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    Oh…..you mean the PLP are just gonna do THEIR job? The one they should have done WEEKS AGO ??
    Nothing to shout about Mr. Burt – it just highlights what you HAVE NOT been doing for weeks and weeks…………

  14. LostinFlatts says:

    Not sure how many of you had the PLP’s flyer of ‘hard facts’ on your windshields yesterday – but at least 10 of them are simply falsehoods. Either through ignorance or malevolence.

    But – much like Trump tweeting provable lies to his supporters – if people don’t bother researching, they might well believe the lies.

    I’m not sure what the answer is in a day when politicians will lie about very easily disproved facts in order to mislead voters. And have no shame when proven wrong. Spreading false narrative is a powerful political tool. What we REALLY need is a voter base with the energy and drive to actually investigate claims by both parties, rather than just ingest what they’re fed.

  15. Joe Bloggs says:

    David Burt JP MP has stated publicly that

    “Our position has always been that MPs should have access to the House if they are doing the people’s business.”

    “The airport legislation is not the people’s business because they do not have the people’s mandate for it.”

    There you have it.