ACBDA Transportation Info Session Tonight

March 1, 2017

Local transport operators both on land and on water are encouraged to attend an information session tonight to discover how they can maximize their direct benefit from the 35th America’s Cup.

The Local Biz Connect Information Session, hosted by America’s Cup Bermuda [ACBDA], will be held at St Paul AME Centennial Hall, Hamilton starting at 6pm until 8:30pm.

The session will feature an update on the 35th America’s Cup including the America’s Cup Village, race course, ticketing and more. Additionally, Jerome Robinson, ACBDA Transport Director will provide an overview of the transportation plan detailing what taxis and minibuses should expect.

2.5 hour live video replay of the ACBDA Marine Services Information Session on Feb 23

ACBDA Transport Committee Chairman Brian Gonsalves will speak on behalf of his committee followed by a Q&A period facilitated by Denise Riviere of the ACBDA’s Local Biz Connect group.

Finally, there will be an exploration of taxi, minibus and limousine needs, an overview of water shuttle fleet requirements and a presentation by a local entrepreneur who has developed a water shuttle app.

Mike Winfield, CEO, ACBDA, says: “We are calling taxi drivers, minibus operators and limousines and all who have interests in transport, be it marine or on land, to attend tonight’s information session.

1 hour 40 minute live video replay of the ACBDA Island Wide Vending Information Session on March 1

“There will be important information shared in this meeting that will help drivers/operators to understand exactly what will happen during the America’s Cup in May and June.

“The meeting will also be of interest to boat owners who are interested in earning money during the period and to all who offer land or water transportation services.”

ACBDA is also calling on marine pilot license holders, particularly, all Class A pilot license-holders to register their interest for entrepreneurial opportunities. They can express interest by emailing

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