Premier Michael Dunkley’s Easter Message

April 14, 2017

[Easter message from Premier Michael Dunkley]

I am pleased to extend best wishes to all Bermuda as we observe Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

This serves as a time to celebrate our heritage and the special cultural touches that are uniquely Bermudian – hot-cross buns, fishcakes and homemade kites.

It’s also a time to reflect on the spirit of forgiveness, hope and renewal that Easter represents through the Crucifixion and Resurrection. It is a time to reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ life and the promise of salvation he embodied for every person and every community.

In recent times, our community has experienced its share of discord and disagreement, but we carry on, working to make things better; and we do so because we carry in our hearts the same faith in others that others have in us. That faith drives us forward to expand opportunity wherever possible and to support those who need support; strengthening the fabric of community life wherever we can.

Let us use this holiday to be thankful for life, for each other and for the good fortune that we share it together on this beautiful Island. Let’s embrace the compassion, acceptance and love that lies within the spirit of Easter.

On behalf of the Government, as you celebrate this holiday weekend, please accept our wish for a safe and happy time, surrounded by family and friends.

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