British Travel Programme To Feature Students

May 18, 2017

Chef Shawn Ming and the culinary arts students who participated in the recent Lionfish Chefs’ Throwdown event at Commissioner’s Point in April are set to be interviewed for the BBC’s The Travel Show, a series that showcases the best of cultural travel across the globe.

The Travel Show broadcasts on the BBC World News TV channel to an audience of more than 303 million homes, reaching 71 million viewers weekly.

A collage of the culinary students who took part, you can read more about them here

Bermuda College Culinary Arts students Bermuda April 2017 TC

Lionfish is on the menu for this particular episode, and Chef Ming and his students [who have agreed to come back to the kitchens during the Summer break] will be questioned about the various ways to cook and eat this invasive species, as efforts to attract local consumers, continue.

The students will no doubt draw upon the creative recipes used while competing in the Chefs’ Throwdown last month. The interview is expected to take place this weekend at Bermuda College.

Joanne Whalley, The Travel Show producer said the show’s crew is very much looking forward to the shoot. “The feature will focus on Bermuda College’s efforts to help protect Bermuda’s marine environment from the invasive lionfish, by teaching the next generation of chefs how to cook this harmful species. It will be a great platform to share the innovative work being done at the College with a global audience.”

Further, the Travel Show will be joining Chef Ming and students during the Bermuda Day festivities where they will operate a food stall along the parade route, serving up lionfish, in addition to local cuisine.

Bermuda College President, Dr. Duranda Greene expressed appreciation to the faculty and students in the Hospitality Department, whom she described as “second to none”. “[The faculty] continually raise the bar for our students, and our students respond in kind.

“They welcome the challenge and rise to the occasion every time. We are also pleased for such opportunities, – the second in as many months – for global exposure of our accredited programmes. We wish our students continued success in this field.”


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  1. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    Make Bermuda proud!

  2. Pastor Syl says:

    What a wonderful opportunity in so many areas! Great work, Chef Ming, and kudos to all the students. Also I am really appreciative of this innovative way to highlight the importance of finding ways to control and move toward eradication of the terrifyingly invasive lionfish, poised to destroy our fish stocks forever, and thus contribute to destruction of our reefs as well.
    Bermuda is really being showcased on the world stage lately! I am loving it!!