Tall Ship Journey Was Challenging, But Fun

May 26, 2017

Being on a tall ship was a challenge mentally and physically but was an amazing experience that everyone should try.

That’s according to Julia Judd, 23, who is back on terra firma after a voyage on board the Blue Clipper, a 43-metre, three masted gaff rigged schooner, when she sailed from Greenwich, England to Sines, Portugal.


“I would 100 percent recommend that all young people take part in a tall ship voyage. The people that you meet and the experiences that you gain are things you would never get in your everyday life,” said Julia.

“After spending only two weeks on board the Blue Clipper, I met some incredible people, was challenged both mentally and physically and got the chance to explored two different countries. It was an amazing experience. Don’t think about participating, just do it!”

Blue Clipper

The trip was the first leg of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta, a 7,000 nautical mile Trans-Atlantic race to six countries to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation through its founders and founding provinces.

Nineteen of the ships are due to visit Bermuda, arriving tomorrow [Friday] in St. George’s until June 1 when they will move to Hamilton. They will leave June 5 to Boston.

Tall Ships Schedule Bermuda May 2017

Julia, who will be leaving the Island to work for AIG in Boston as an underwriting analyst, added: “Being on the boat for multiple days really showed me how to appreciate the small things in life.

“Simple things like seeing the sunrise at 6am, watching a pod of dolphins swim by the boat or even having a crazy conversation about alpaca farming would be so incredible and would totally make my day.”

The cook!

But it was not all plain sailing and she added: “During our watch system we would have to be awake and on watch from either 8pm to 12am, 12am to 4am or 4am to 8am every night.

“Being on deck during these times was absolutely freezing and like a stereotypical Bermudian, I did not have the appropriate warm weather clothing. At one point, I was wearing four pairs of pants, seven shirts and jackets and three pairs of socks…I could barely move!”

At the wheel!

According to Craig Nikolai, Project Management, Tall Ships Bermuda 2017 & Sail Training Association of Bermuda, places for trainees are still available on the ships.

He said: “Julia’s description of life on board one of these majestic vessels sums it up, it is quite amazing. It would be a tragedy if someone has the opportunity and does not take it. You don’t want to be looking back and life saying ‘if only….’.”

In the galley

Berths on the ships are open to anyone of any age, however bursaries of up to 75 percent of the total cost are available for those demonstrating financial need and who are between 16 and 25 years of age through Tall Ships Bermuda 2017 and Sail Training Association of Bermuda.

Anyone interested in signing up for some or all of the remaining Regatta legs, should email trainee@tallships.bm.

Julia Judd chronicles her high seas voyage

Dr Nikolai added: “We have a lot of events planned for when the 900 or so crew on board the tall ships are here. You can see the details on our website here.

“We sincerely hope that people come out in their droves to support this event and show the crew an amazing Bermuda welcome.”

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