ACBDA: Dockyard Traffic Checkpoint Clarified

June 1, 2017

America’s Cup Bermuda has issued a statement today [June 1] to clarify information about traffic access to Dockyard.

“There has been some confusion about this, which we wish to clarify,” the ACBDA said.

“We wish to remind people that Dockyard is very much open for business as usual and motorists in private cars who wish to enter may do so, subject to sufficient legal parking being available in Dockyard.

“Motorists in private cars visiting the America’s Cup should travel no further than Boaz Islands Sports Field where they will travel by free shuttle to the event, however those wishing to do business in Dockyard and enjoy the shopping and restaurants may do so, again subject to the roads remaining clear for emergency access and there being sufficient car parking areas in Dockyard.

“Vehicle inspections and the control point will remain in place every day that the America’s Cup Village is open, between 10:30am and 3:00pm. The officers manning this control point may exercise their right to search vehicles which is a protocol designed to ensure the security and safety of the AC Village and all attending.

“All public service vehicles have always and will continue to have full, unrestricted access to Dockyard.

“All should be aware that parking can only take place in authorized parking areas and any vehicle parked illegally will be subject to tickets and or removal. It is essential that roads do not become blocked or obstructed.

“For transport to America’s Cup Village we continue to encourage residents to ride their motorbike. Bike parking is free and there is plenty of it at the Transportation Hub, near the entrance to the America’s Cup Village.

“Fans who wish to drive a car and attend the AC Village must book parking in advance for the Park n Ride program online here. Each car is $25 when booked in advance [$30/car if booked within 24 hours of use]. This includes a return shuttle service to America’s Cup Village for all passengers in the car, by shuttle boat or minibus [includes accessibility].

“Ongoing transportation information and updates are available here,”

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Martial Law.

    • wahoo says:

      What would you know about law? You haven’t even left town for twenty years but I note you are quick to write something that you know nothing about.

  2. Izzypop says:

    Many businesses in dockyard hv lost business because people weren’t allowed to enter who had no interest in the americas cup
    This should hv been clarified from day one !!!

    • K says:

      Are you serious!? Where did you read this? I don’t remember seeing any figures published. Can you provide your source of information?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I can’t offer any info on revenue losses , that’s another discussion , but I can firmly say that up until very recently there was much confusion as to who/what vehicles were going to be allowed into Dockyard.
        On one evening news broadcast a few weeks ago the head of Regiment security said that NO vehicles whatsoever were going to be allowed past Boaz Island . There was never any mention concerning members of the public conducting business or people wanting to go to Dockyard amenities such as the Maritime Museum , Arts Centre or restaurants , etc.
        So it is possible that a lot of people did indeed believe that they would be barred from the area if they weren’t there for and didn’t hold tickets for the A/C events and village .

      • Dockyard business says:

        I have a Dockyard business and have seen a significant loss in sales.

        • K says:

          What’s your store? I’ll come by something to support my locals

      • Clint Eastwood says:


        Due to restricted parking availability in Dockyard, there will be restricted access for private cars to Dockyard on America’s Cup race days between 10.30am and 4.00pm [2.00pm to 8.00pm on May 26th, the first day of racing the night of the official Opening Ceremony].

        There will be a road checkpoint operating just after Boaz Island, at Greys Bridge, from 10.30am each day the America’s Cup Village is open. This will only allow accredited and public service vehicles, including taxis, through to Dockyard, as well as all motorbikes and scooters.

    • Say Whaat says:

      Exactly!!! I want to go see Baywatch but I’m still skeptical about driving up there.

      • wahoo says:

        Baywatch is BS…you would be better watching soft porn.

        • wahoo says:

          Dockyard is a tourist trap that gets about 6,000 people from ships dumped on their doorstep every day Locals might go there by car for a once in a while for a special luncheon, this is not worth talking about.

          • Dockyard business says:

            Don’t comment on things you know little about.

    • Legalgirl says:

      If the Dockyard can’5 make the AC on their doorstep work for them then they do not deserve to be in business! They have even more ferries and foottraffic!

  3. Reality Check 2017 says:

    This is taken directly from the AC website just moments ago :

    Park n Ride
    Due to restricted parking availability, private cars will have restricted access to Dockyard on America’s Cup race days from 10:30am to 4pm (2pm to 8pm on the Opening Night 26th May).
    There will be a road check point operating just after Boaz Island, at Greys Bridge, from 10:30am each day the America’s Cup Village is open. This will only allow accredited and public services vehicles, including taxis through to Dockyard, as well as motorbikes/scooters.
    Residents on the Dockyard side of the check point will be issued accreditation by Wedco. The application form can be downloaded here:
    If you are driving to the America’s Cup Village, parking is charged per car, and includes your return shuttle service for everyone in your car – so we strongly encourage you to carpool to reduce congestion, reduce your cost per person and improve the sustainability of the event. When you book, please specify how many people will be in your car and whether you require accessibility needs on the shuttle.

    That’s a little different from this article above, but if you read the website first, wouldn’t you believe that your access to Dockyard would be restricted?

    Just saying

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    So, if you work in dockyard it is life as normal. You get there before the checkpoint is active & leave whenever you wish. If you are going to Dockyard on business, nothing changes. If there is parking available you park. If parking is unavailable because spaces are taken, then you stuck for somewhere to park, just as if there was no AC.

    By 4:30-5:00 everything AC is about finished for the day so if you are going to Dockyard & there is no parking, don’t blame AC.

    The only people who have a problem with the AC & parking in Dockyard are people who want to have a problem with the AC & Dockyard.

    • Dockyard business says:

      No, you’re wrong. Businesses are seeing a significant drop in revenue. Dockyard is like a ghost town. A lot of these businesses are not just there for tourists.

      • Liz T says:

        Rubbish! Dockyard is hopping and everyone grateful, what business you in??? I have been volunteering up there for weeks now and if you have a good product, customer oriented,personable, customer focused, engaged, and willing to do more, and this is NOT servidude, but pride of service. Do the CAT course and the Blue Flag course and you will know difference. We have much to celebrate!

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Bermuda the island of NO ! no wonder we a broke !

  6. Gooracle says:

    What about locals who regularly frequented dockyard businesses by private boat – i.e. Taking overseas Visitors to restaurants and shops, etc. I can understand the restrictions to the South basin, but removing access to north basin (no place to tie up) is unfortunate.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      There was no place to tie up to start with. The Police occupied what was supposed to be public short term docking.

      The new extended docking is occupied by the Police, the Regiment & course marshal boats for the AC. Lets see how much is returned to the public when the AC is over.