PLP: ‘Disastrous Education Policy Will Change’

June 28, 2017

“Four years of the OBA’s disastrous education policy is enough”, the PLP said today [June 28], adding that “their indifference to our children and their future is startling.”

A PLP spokesperson said, “Actions have consequences and this OBA government’s actions over these pasts four years would seem to show that education does not have the place in their agenda it should.

“We ask, how can our country hope to prosper when the next generation of Bermudians are being short changed by such leadership that continues to allow our children to go under-equipped and mold ridden schools?

“The PLP believes we owe it to our children, educators and communities to ensure that the facilities we place them in are conducive to learning. Under a PLP government they will be the priority. We will work to make sure all schools are safe for our children and educators, while also equipping them with Wi-Fi and the latest technology so they have all the tools they need to learn and succeed in life.

“Our actions will prove that education will be a priority. We will start by reforming public education by phasing out middle schools and developing and implementing signature schools at the secondary level focusing on academics, the trades, business, sports and the arts. We also won’t ignore higher education because every Bermudian must have the opportunity to attain the skills they will need to compete and thrive in an ever-changing world.

“The PLP will increase funding for higher education scholarship and provide financial support to make Bermuda College accessible to all Bermudians. Because what good is education when it’s not accessible to everyone?

“Four years of the OBA’s disastrous education policy is enough. Their indifference to our children and their future is startling. Their ineptitude and mismanagement has sent a troubling signal to our youth, their parents, and our educators that they are not this Government’s priority.

“That will change under the PLP because we believe everyone matters, not just the chosen few. For the betterment of our country, on July 18th we must elect a government who will make education a priority.”

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  1. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    What about FOURTEEN YEARS UNDER THE PLP? What did YOU do to improve things? Not much as I recall. The OBA had to concentrate on plugging a sinking ship when they first got to the helm. NOW the ship is at least righted and they will turn to other important issues, like education. Priorities. Stay afloat first then fix your assets second. Sink and you have no assets to fix. Simple.

    • John Joseph says:

      School teaching and learning inspections cycle
      Performance management
      Minimum exam performance targets for schools.
      More autonomy for school leaders.

      • Caitlyn says:

        I wonder if they will get rid f some of the dead wood teachers and we all know who they are…

        • Kiskadee says:

          That’s what the problem is! Teachers who go out on strike and don’t think of their students are not dedicated teachers
          Education will never improve until the worst teachers are fired

    • FYI says:

      Ahhh, it was better equipped under their rule….I know

      • Double S says:

        The same amount of money is being spent per student as it was nearly a decade ago.

        And despite your above claim the exam results were just as poor as they are today. Maybe funds aren’t the problem. Maybe the allocation of the funds are the problem among other factors.

        I have to ask why do the private schools, who are actually cheaper per student than the public sector, do so much better.

    • Not Given says:

      Well I support the need for a reform of public school education. But, does the PLP really have what it takes to overhaul the system? To do so will require some very difficult decisions and will include lost jobs, a move away from protectionist policies that protected teachers and administrations poor performance and forced accountability at all levels of the MOE. No, don’t be fooled- the kids are at the bottom of the platform agenda- votes are all that the party is looking for. The type of reform required will make the unions go wild, and there will be little to no change imho

      • jt says:

        What I read above is “We’ll throw more money at it.” There really is nothing more.

      • Mother Theresa says:

        You bring up a very good point regarding the unions. I hope to God the PLP DO NOT win the election, and that the OBA has an opportunity to work on education now that they have a handle on balancing the disaster of a budget the PLP left them with. There also needs to be legislation developed that gives government more of a handle and more control over the unions. The unions have way to much power and it has only hurt Bermuda. Especially when you have megalomaniacs at the helm of both the BIU and BPSU.

  2. priviledged says:

    spend spend spend spend. that’s the easy part, PLP.

  3. outwiththeOLD says:

    well what about 14 of yours….

  4. Double S says:

    Didn’t Mr. Rabain, just the other day, state how PLP will follow the BTA and take the political games out of education?

    They couldn’t even keep that promise for a month it appears.

    The PLP must think people forget that in the 2011/12 budget they slashed the education budget by $14mn.

    And unfortunately for the PLP all past exam results from the public schools are easily accessible online. They were just as bad pre-2013 as they are now.

    Maybe monies aren’t the problem…

    • Double S says:

      They also seem to wish for people to forget that the mold issue in schools also occurred pre-2013. Just look at the public school teacher who took the PLP government to court for her mold health related issues in her respective school.

      Or the police office who was awarded a $5mn payout from the BDA Government due to the same issue.

      At least the OBA initiated the SCORE report which was made public and laid out all the long standing issues with the public schools. They didn’t sweep it under the rug as the PLP would, has and will.

    • Double S has a point here says:

      We have already heard that the PLP would take politics out of education. This clearly isn’t the case in realtion to this article and I pray this isn’t the beginning of more “we had to deceive you” comments.

      The PLP had 14 years of power to address the education system.

      OK–I’ll play the game–education for our children is critically important–SO–what is the PLP suggesting they will do to imporve it and more importantly where will the money to do so come from.

      You may recall that the PLP administration left the country saddled with a mountain of debt–This debt was NOT–repeat NOT–initiated by the OBA Administration–they have had to borrrow to service it given the terrible economic mess that this country was in 14 years ago.

      So two simple questions–What will the challenger do to fix the education system and how will they pay for it. Thank you!!!

      • steve says:

        Hey PLP tell me you are removing the union from education and then you might get my attention.

        • Mad dog says:


          • No way Jose says:

            Yes, I AM afraid! that is 100% true. I’m not afraid of the PLP but rather those in charge and their own agenda. I am afraid that we might see a repeat of their last attempt to govern.

            Name ONE thing in Bermuda that was left in a better state after the PLP left when compared to before they took over.

            International Business?
            Local Business?
            Road Conditions?
            Hotel opening?

            Help me here!!! Why should I not be afraid! You want thenmto win – Why?! Why should anyone trust that we will not see a repeat of the same! Their leadership has not changed? maybe the poster boy is new but the B Boys still run things and pull the puppet strings. Why should I not be fearful. The PLP had lots of money and did what with it? The OBA had no money in the bank and lots of debt and has done much more in three years.

            Help me because I’m struggling to see what the PLP did that was soooo good! Except that is for a select few friends and family.

            • jt says:

              Add certain names to your list and you’d have a few things to put a tick beside.

    • aceboy says:

      The PLP stating that they would take the politics out of education, in a press conference during an election is a perfect example of how the PLP are trying to make politics ALL ABOUT education for political purposes. Stupid games that the PLP think are so clever.

  5. Irony! says:

    One has to chuckle that one of the related stories to this is

    “PLP: ‘Politics Must Be Taken Out Of Education’ “

  6. hmmm says:

    A PLP spokesperson said all this….

    So just someone huffing and puffing for points. Not even named…I wonder if it is a certain someone who is lying low.

    The PLP had 14 years with education and did nothing, there was mold and lack of resources, have spoken to enough teachers to find that out.

    PLP are full of air…trying to fool people for their vote… To me that is sick.

  7. SNS says:

    “Four years of the OBA’s disastrous education policy is enough”

    What is the OBA’s education policy? How does it differ from the previous policy under the PLP government?

    Where will the money come from to put the said PLP actions/plans in place?

    Can someone clarify or point me in the right direction to find this information?


  8. DarkStar says:

    The PLP have failed our children and the population for years——-stop thinking Bermudians are stupid. We have many educated people so the lies and twisted theories won’t work. The PLP had 12 years to make our education work—they failed our children by allowing the schools to fail– b/c when the population is dumb you can make a population believe anything (i.e. Trump)—-between a broken education system and promising civil service jobs the country can not afford— you are breaking the country again ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!

  9. Politricks says:

    It appears all of PLP’s promises require alot more spending and thus the national deficit will be blown back up to the PLP’s $408mn levels.

    Well Bermuda get prepared for further financial issues and more taxation because as the most recent S&P rating stated, if the deficit goes back into growth mode our credit rating will be negatively affected. So the only way not for this to happen is to increase taxes which will in turn make Bermuda that much more expensive to live.

    Sounds just like the 2007 election promises of ‘free this and free that.’ They made BDA College free for awhile and then had to reverse it because they figured out nothing is free.

    History is simply repeating itself. I suggest all Bermudians switch up their BMD to USD in the near future.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      ** I suggest all Bermudians switch up their BMD to USD in the near future.**

      That would have been a good thing to do BEFORE the PLP raised the tax on doing so to a level that virtually negates it being a sensible financial decision .

      And that ridiculous increase also massively jacked up the cost of living for us all as well .

  10. dunn juice says:

    IN 2025!

  11. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    “Four years of the OBA’s disastrous education policy is enough”, the PLP said today


    YEAH well you HAD 14 YEARS to do SOMETHING and DIDN’T DO SH**!!!

  12. typo says:

    Of course, the PLP leadetship could pony up some of its gala funds to provide vouchers for “unchosen” young kids to attend safe, well-equipped private schools.

    It’s hard to imagine that happening, somehow.

  13. Guy Smiley says:

    The race card can’t be played any more bc it’s been called out.
    So they invent the “two Bermudas.”
    To get emotions going they use our children.

    Full of it. Trade schools were talked about for years while PLP was in power. NOTHING.
    School budget were slashed just the same.
    Middle school were not working and fail rates reached all time highs.
    Now all of a sudden you are going to fix it?
    “Phase out” middle schools. We all know what that means. Too boot we’ll have a mega school that we WWAAAAYYYY overpaid for so many PLP reasons that will sit empty.
    You did NOTHING in your 14yrs that you speak of now other than make Bda College free and buses free for school kids. Yep. Let’s give it all away…someone has to pay for it!

    • No way Jose says:

      The PLP complained about Cedarbridge and the Middle School system. And I agree it was a bad idea and has not worked here. However, after all their complains about Cedarbridge they ADDED to the problem by building another one … the big Green PLP self promoting – Berkeley. That project ALONE went 60 million + OVER BUDGET. Given to Proactive a company that had never previous built a single project in Bermuda EVER!

      • sandgrownan says:

        Lot’s of PLP and union members had new driveways and building work doen on their home though. Which is nice.

  14. George says:

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  15. Cranberry says:

    “The PLP will increase funding for higher education scholarship and provide financial support to make Bermuda College accessible to all Bermudians. Because what good is education when it’s not accessible to everyone?”

    There’s no money to spend – you spent it all already!! SMH

  16. Ct says:

    Did they order an independent report that gives the suggestions to remove middle schools and bring in signature schools? I am not opposed to phasing out middle schools but no what basis have they made this determination? Also, do they think the population is big enough to warrant signature schools in different streams? What about children who are good at art and sports at secondary level?

  17. FYI says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen….I like the sound of this Educational Reform. I agree in developing childrens’ gifts and talents to foster a confidence for all children to compete and contribute to our society.

    Teachers should not have to fund their classrooms as they do. For example, science teachers should not have to spend out of pocket to purchase resources to conduct experiments for 60 plus students to meet the demands of a curriculum. Students should not be disadvantaged because Teacher A has the financial means to sustain his/her classroom while Teacher B does not. All classes should be equipped equally to support the delivery of a mandated curriculum.

    • aceboy says:

      Amen is appropriate. It comes after a prayer. That’s all you’ll get from the PLP. These are words. Words from a party that ignored the children of their constituents and whose representatives sent their own kids to private schools while in government for 14 years.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    Education & the PLP in the same sentence. Good one. In 1998 the PLP rode in on that horse named Education promising to fix what was a broken system. What did they do? Zip. NADA. Absolutely sweet F/A.

    They rolled over how many Education Ministers & the DOE outlasted them all. The problem of 1998 is the same as 2012 & has not changed by 2017.

    Get rid of the DOE & ineffective teachers & the kids might stand a chance of learning something.

  19. Coffee says:

    When Gibbons abandoned the education ministry for the Americas Cup ministry , that was the beginning of the end for the OBA/UBP …

    Anyway the Americas Cup was a great success for the targeted few , however at the same time , education took fourth place behind a sailboat race , loophole immigration , and Canadian airport .

    • James Rego says:

      @ Coffee

      Maybe your PLP will get around to implementing the Hopkin report which was commissioned by the PLP in 2007 and up until 12-2010, nothing was done with it and quietly dropped! You have the nerve to blame the OBA!

    • No way Jose says:

      If you did not attend any of the AC meetings to educate how you could benefit from the opportunities don’t F’N complain. No it wasn’t the handout that many wanted! To get something out of it – you had to put something into it and WORK FOT IT! Business is just like sports in the sense that if you want to rise to the top and make it, you need talent but you better be willing to work harder then everyone else for it.

      You are a huge part of the problem with your , what is in it for me / me, me, me attitude.

      • Silvery says:

        Are you saying you had to be a business to benefit? I already have a job so did not see a work opportunity for me at AC. I wasn’t looking for a handout. I didn’t think I had to put anything into it either as the government using everyone’s money put something into it for me ($77mn+).

        The OBA promised AC would be good for EVERYONE, but how, charging us to go, park, eat, show pictures of everyone smiling to the world. They spent the money and what money is coming back? Transparency, you and I will NEVER know.

        What was that commercial again, I have a house , a car, a pool, a golf membership. I am in debt up to my eyeballs.

        AC just dug us deeper.

        • aceboy says:

          The AC was broadcast around the world and likewise led sports stories on all news media throughout.

          Lets put the spend into perspective:

          If you take the Grand Atlantic government spend and add to it to what was spent on the Grand Slam you have a lot less than what was spent on the AC.

          Which got us value for money? As a country, not just you personally of course.

  20. O.M.G says:

    So tell us guys where the hell is the money coming from we need all new bldg. and we also need to privatize the administration To many people get paid to do nothing. The custodians of each school need to do more to keep up these schools. I sure all 2000 people will be back to work and all school will be fixed what a bunch of dreamers and once again you have turned it into racist election.
    And BS to the two Bermudas so Zane Desilve and brown are they from one side.
    Give us some Numbers on how many people just don’t want to work. And you know there is lots.

  21. the original swing voter says:

    yeah right….I’ll do what I did the first time…pay twice for my daughter’s education…my tax dollar supports a broken system that will remain broken no matter what the politicians say. I’ll pay private school fees instead including my grand daughters. Its better to keep them in a safe learning environment.

  22. Game Changer2017 says:

    Public education is too administered which is 99% of the problem.Why do we give our children to strangers who are only indoctrinating our kids and not educating. Education meansto draw out of not put in. The best memorizer who spits out uslees facts gets an A+ and is on the “honor roll”. SMH

  23. John says:

    PLP blew all the public purse and ran the schools into the ground but hey when the get elected the Colonel will fix it all

  24. JohnT says:

    I’ve always wondered how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and the Aztecs and Inca’s their temples without the aid of wifi as it’s the obvious solution for all problems these days.

  25. cpm says:

    Mike Charles and the plp should take a look at a couple of older schools that have dedicated teachers and old buildings but they are vibrant and busy
    In the public system Teachers are sitting down complaining about their lot in life
    Charles is using Teachers for plp political gain and he will see more Teachers giving their money to charity instead of his union
    The new plp government is going to wave a magic wand and all schools will be rebuilt with state of the art Teachers and facilities and all Bermudians will get free everything by 2025

  26. Seascape says:

    What did PLP do for the education system and for the children of Bermuda…NOTHING!!!!!! To be honest…what did they do the 14 years they were in power…NOTHING POSITIVE worth mentioning.

    • Moojun says:

      To be fair, they did reinstate two garbage collections per week…so there is that, which was nice.

  27. ImJustSayin says:

    The PLP just find any screw up by the OBA and use it as their election platform. All the while not having any viable solutions. If they become the next Government they will just screw up the economy again because they don’t have a clue they just wanna be the ruling Government. And all those who are crying about the OBA will be crying about the PLP. The cycle just repeats itself.

  28. Sara says:

    I just can’t keep a straight face when reading these articles lol. Its like they don’t recall they were in power and had big chances to make big changes. And all they really did was cause Bermuda to go broke. You can’t make this sh.t up lol smh

  29. Gods Truth says:

    SMH,,, A lot of dreamers have been commenting on here!!! PLP helped me and many more public school products [Class of '06'] bermp bermp!!! UBP/OBA Are oppressing my progression :( wake up BDA ….

  30. Joe Bloggs says:

    This should not be about politics. It should be about reality and accountability.

    The cost of educating a student at Warwick Academy, BHS and Saltus is about $23,000 per student per year. The cost of Governement education is more than 3 times that.


    Would we not be better off getting rid of the Ministry of Education and just have the Minister and an accountant there to make sure that Saltus, BHS, Warwick Academy, MSA or BI get paid (depending on the parents’ preference for their children’s education)