Photos & Results: Wednesday Night Sailing

July 20, 2017

The Wednesday Night Sailing Series continued in Hamilton Harbour, with 20 boats going to the start line for the latest racing.

Nasty Medicine was the first bat to cross the line, they clocked a time of 50.00, their corrected time of 54.33 saw them finish 10th overall, Smokin was the next boat to cross the line that were clocked at 53.14 and with their corrected time of 49:13 saw them finish 1st overall.

Finishing second in a corrected time of 50.22 was Solna II who crossed the line in a time of 1:00.16. Thrash was third on the night with a corrected time of 51.16, Airforce was fourth with a time of 52.01 and Passion rounded out the top five finishers on the night with a corrected time of 52.33.


Wednesday Night Sailing Series 2 Race 4

  • 0:49:13 Smokin
  • 0:50:22 Solna II
  • 0:51:16 Thrash
  • 0:52:01 Airforce
  • 0:52:33 Passion
  • 0:52:46 Peppercorn
  • 0:53:04 Mayhem
  • 0:53:11 Back in Black
  • 0:54:17 Solaise
  • 0:54:33 Nasty Medicine
  • 0:54:56 Vixen
  • 0:57:03 Cyclone
  • 0:57:16 Reckless
  • 0:54:23 Blitz
  • 0:59:37 Roberta
  • 1:00:36 Gumpshon
  • 0:54:46 Celerity
  • 1:03:08 Erin
  • 0:57:14 Chequemate
  • 0:58:06 Shogun
  • 1:08:10 Posh

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Last week we talked about the high lights of racing different sizes of sailboats competing under the handicap system while racing against the clock.


    THE ONE DESIGN SAILBOAT. ~~~~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~~~~

    This week will be about the criteria which applies to one design sailboats where winning and loosing is dependent on the ability of the crew,and not the boat the tactician and the skill of the helmsman sas the sailboats are all deemed to be identical.
    All boat sail the same course layout. The wind strength and wind direction has a great bearing on the decisions and strategy of the tactician and the helmsman as the plan the the favored direction.

    TEAM WORK.~~~~~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~~~~

    Here is where team work plays a great part in wining a race as you will see boats sailing off in different directions called tacking “Sail boat by design can not sail head in to wind.

    DESIGN CLASS RULES.~~~~~~~ _/)~~~~~~~~~~
    Every sailboat must conform the class rules and be of identical size and design and not to favor or out class one boat over another, here is where the crew play a greater role in getting the boat to go fast , however it does no stop there ,it is a battle with the Wind Gods.

    RACING RULES OF SAILING. ~~~~~~ _/)~~~~~~~

    These international racing rules, practiced in over 100 countries are designed with two main features, to prevent collisions and to give right of way, this is were the fun starts as you see boat dueling to gain right of way over another on the preferred starboard tack. (wind over the right side of the boat ) ~~~~~~ (\_ ~~~~~~

    This is where the other boat is obligated to give way ( change course ) to prevent collision.

    If you love sailing ,it will love you right back.

    Thanks for watching.