Washington Mall To Undergo Major Upgrade

July 18, 2017

More than $8 million is being invested in a major upgrade of Washington Mall that will include solar panels, new air conditioning, and new shop fronts.

Washington Properties, the mall’s owners, say the work will improve the infrastructure of the older buildings and enhance the public areas.

Paul Slaughter, Director and General Manager of Washington Properties [Bermuda] Limited, said, “Some of these works have been on hold since the recession, with large areas of the office floors having been vacant since 2008.

“Now that the economy is improving and long vacant spaces are being occupied, we feel it is the right time to revive these projects.”

A spokesperson said, “The aging chiller plant and air handlers will be replaced with a state of the art VRV system [Variable Refrigerant Volume] which will provide finer control of individual tenant spaces and increase efficiency.”

“The first area to be converted will be the 9 Reid Street section of retail stores. Other areas will follow as we work on replacing one air handler at a time,” said Mr. Slaughter.

“It will be necessary to work inside retail shops and individual offices but we will strive to keep disruption to a minimum and some work will be completed out of hours.”

“The entrance at 9 Reid Street will be upgraded with new shop fronts and the ceiling will be raised at the entrance.

“At the same time, the air conditioning will be upgraded when large air vents over the entrance will be removed.”

Mr Slaughter added, “Some of this work will require the entrance to be closed for health and safety reasons. The closure will be kept to a minimum and people will be redirected to other entrances.”

“The coloured ceramic floor tiles, in the older sections of the Mall, will be replaced with Travertine tile to match the newer section of the Mall and the work will be completed out of hours to minimise any disruption.

“In addition, some older elevators will be upgraded with new controls, machine rooms and other hardware.

“In a bid to reduce its carbon footprint, Washington Properties is also planning to install photo-voltaic panels on the roof to reduce reliance on Belco. The project will start on the 7 Reid Street roof and will expand as more roof space becomes available when the old chiller plant is eventually removed.”

Mr Slaughter said, “No one can afford to stand still and we need to evolve and improve in order to offer existing and new clients a great service.

“We are delighted that we are able to invest in this work which will maintain Washington Mall as the premier place to have office and retail space.”

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  1. Ashley says:

    Great news for Washington Properties and for the local economy!