Bermuda Cricket Weekend Top Performers

August 15, 2017

Malachi Jones from Bailey’s Bay was the weekend top batsman playing against Somerset Cricket Club in the with a knock of 184, Temiko Wilson scored 71 for Cleveland County against the Southampton Rangers to be the second top scorer and Tre Manders scored 71 for PHC in their Western County Cup match against the Southampton Rangers.

With figures of 10-3-14-6, Dion Stovell playing in for the St. David’s Cricket Club led the bowling department, Kamau Leverock returned figures of 8.2-1-27-6 helping Handsworth defeat Nuneaton by three runs in a low scoring affair and Dennis Musson playing for Cleveland County had the third best bowling figures of 9-3-17-5.


  • 184 Malachi Jones – Bailey’s Bay
  • ..75 Temiko Wilson – Cleveland County
  • ..71 Tre Manders – PHC
  • ..70 Dion Stovell – St. David’s Cricket Club
  • ..66 Brian Hall – Western Stars
  • 64* Allan Douglas – Southampton Rangers
  • ..63 Tre Manders – Western Stars

* Denotes Not Out


  • 10.-3-14-6 Dion Stovell – St. David’s Cricket Club
  • 8.2-1-27-6 Kamau Leverock – Handsworth Cricket Club
  • 9.0-3-17-5 Dennis Musson – Cleveland County
  • 2.0-0-04-3 Shaquille Outerbridge – Willow Cuts
  • 10.-3-19-3 Malachi Jones – Bailey’s Bay
  • 10.-1-27-3 Kevin Tucker – Southampton Rangers
  • 10.-1-35-3 Rohann Davis – Western Stars
  • 10.-0-37-3 Stefan Dill – Warwick Workmen’s
  • 9.0-1-38-3 Vernon Eve – Southampton Rangers

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  1. Warrior says:

    Requesting the ECCA to share results of their Junior County Cup which took place last Saturday between St. David’s and Bailey’s Bay at Sea Breeze Oval. Also, advertise these games just as much as you do the Eastern County Cup Matches. Get behind and encourage our Junior players, organize Junior County tours to Canada/West Indies/England or USA. Take part of the Sponsorship money and get it on. Many times, this has been discussed and promises made to players/parents/supporters and nothing has ever been done. You want these young guys to be our Senior players one day so encourage them as there are some truly promising players in our four Counties and our Clubs and the ECCA should be able to put a tour or tours prior to the season and soon after the last Junior Eastern County.