Video: Reflections Of Hope, Caught In Net

August 15, 2017

The Revelation of Hope Ministries recently shared a video online titled ‘Reflections of Hope Episode 3: Caught in the Net.’

The video follows Taj Pacleb, from the Revelation of Hope Ministries, as he explores various underwater landscapes, focusing predominantly on an experience he had in Bermuda.

In the video, Pacleb says, “The ocean is an awesome place of wonder, intrigue, beauty, creativity, and surprise. The fingerprints of an intelligent design are clearly seen.

“But sometimes the ocean can be a hostile place, not only for visitors like us but also for its aquatic inhabitants.”

Pacleb continues to tell an anecdote of his visit to Bermuda, in which he encountered a loggerhead turtle caught in a fishing net while on a scuba tour of the island.

Pacleb and his fellow divers eventually freed the turtle from the net. However, the footage shows that the turtle was too weak to survive on its own. So the team brought it onboard the boat and eventually took the turtle to the Bermuda Aquarium for a season of recovery.

Pacleb said that there was a greater lesson to learn from this experience: “The lesson that I was reminded of from that experience, was far more valuable than the money I paid to go scuba diving that day.

“Just like the loggerhead turtle, humanity has been caught in the net of sin. We have been wrapped and trapped by the folly of our own selfish ways and no matter how hard we try, we are powerless to free or save ourselves. And it seems the harder we fight, the more entangled we become and the weaker we get.

“You’re wrapped up in the net of sin and feel like you’re going to drown. And you’re so weak, you feel like you can’t even keep your head above the water and you feel like giving up.

“But friends, there’s a revelation of hope,” Pacleb narrates along to footage of the loggerhead being cradled in his friend’s hands. “Jesus has come to provide relief. He has come to pluck our feet out of the net of sin. And if we will but trust our plight to him, he will, by the knife of his holy work, cut us loose from our bondage.”

After spending several months at the Aquarium, the turtle reportedly regained its strength and was set free.

For more information on the Revelations of Hope Ministries visit here.

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