Premier To Hold Town Hall Meeting On Sept 18

September 8, 2017

[Updated] Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt will hold a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday evening [Sept 12] to discuss the Government’s 2017 Throne Speech initiatives.

“The Premier will be joined by some of his Ministerial colleagues and will provide a presentation on the 2017 Throne Speech as well as take questions from the audience,” a spokesperson said.

The Premier said, “I welcome the opportunity to share the government’s plans and vision with the people and I look forward to hearing feedback from attendees.”

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 12 September from 6:30 pm – 8 pm at the CedarBridge Academy.

Update Sept 11, 11.57am: The Throne Speech Town Hall Meeting has been rescheduled to September 18th, when it will take place at 7.30pm at the Berkeley Institute.

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  1. ON a Sunny Afternoon says:

    Hopefully he can explain what was happening on the Ferry that would diatract the Captain and mates enought that they didnt see a Tal Ship.

  2. Onion Juice says:

    Wow, now thats what I call Transparancy.

    • Yeah sure it is says:

      Transparency about the agenda but what about the rest of the stuff. Sweeping under carpet sound.

      Lol. The followers!!!

  3. cpm says:

    The whole island was invited to de rec for coming together and celebrations
    Glad I missed the unifying new plp shirt “Landslide”
    We will hear all about it

  4. Stevie says:

    Can see an early election.

  5. bee says:

    Question #1: what will he do to find the missing $800m that TWO different Accountant Generals said was ‘missing’?
    Question #2: what SPECIFICALLY are you going to do to bring investment to the Island?

  6. cpm says:

    Who paid for the celebration?
    When does Tweed get status?