BNT Objects To Proposal To Allow ATV Tours

November 9, 2017

The Bermuda National Trust is “strongly objecting” to the proposal to allow the Railway Trail and National Parks in the West End to be used for ATV tours, and it is urging its members and supporters to review the proposal and to send in their own objections.

The BNT said, “The former One Bermuda Alliance government have provisional approval for the plan. The National Trust understands that the approval was given despite a unanimous recommendation by the Parks Commission to reject the proposal.

“The National Trust welcomes the current Government’s decision to hold a public consultation on the proposal, and hopes that it will lead to wider public consultations on environmental issues in the future.

“The proposal would bring all-terrain vehicles on to the Railway Trail, Hog Bay Park, Fort Scaur Park and the Heydon Trust.”

National Trust President Alana Anderson said: “The Trust vehemently objects to National Parks being accessed by motorised vehicles as it would be wholly incompatible with the quality, character and function of these natural and historic sites.

“The National Trust supports the active enjoyment of our parks and open spaces and encourages their enhancement and new uses for them. We also welcome innovative thinking to revitalize our tourism industry and to enrich our visitors’ experiences in Bermuda.

“Nevertheless, the proposal would set a terrible precedent. Hog Bay Park is one of Bermuda’s largest and most peaceful parks which is a vital amenity for neighbourhoods in the area while thousands of people use the Railway Trial for walking and relaxation.

“The disruption from the proposed tours in terms of noise, erosion to unpaved walking and nature trails, disturbed wildlife and threats to safety would have a detrimental impact on surrounding nature reserves, parklands and historic sites and conflict with their function as places of respite, amenity, education, recreation and conservation.”

National Trust Preservation Committee chairman Robert Masters added: “There is no doubt that the use of the 150cc ATVs will pose a threat to public safety; it is nonsensical to imagine that they will remain at or below 10mph. In addition, there are already walking and bicycle tours of these areas.

“Also, this will exacerbate the problem of illegal access by motorised vehicles of these parks. Hog Bay Park has suffered from an entrenched problem with scramblers for years without any effective solution – damaging the paths, endangering the users, negatively affecting the agricultural land and disturbing neighbours. Introducing ATVs to the park will only make it worse.”

The deadline for objections is November 14, and the National Trust is urging its members and supporters to send in their comments as soon as possible.

Comments may be sent in writing via the Government Portal here or here.

  • Submissions can be sent in to the Parks Department, via e-mail at before 4pm on November 14.
  • Individuals can mail their submissions to the Department of Parks, P.O. Box HM20, Hamilton, HMAX.
  • Interested residents can also provide their submissions in person by visiting the Department of Parks’ main office, Ground floor Global House, Church Street, Hamilton.

For more information regarding this proposal, interested members of the public can email

The Proposed Change of Use and comment sheet follow below [PDF here]:

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Comments (13)

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  1. Warwick West says:

    No, No, and NO again!

  2. Rocky5 says:

    How dare tourist want to ride ATV’s in Bermy. Tell’em go Bahamas where lots of ATV’s available for them.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    This really is a no brainer. Kill it quickly. How did it get this far in the first place? If the promoters want to run ATV tours do it on their own private property, not public parks.

  4. J R Smith says:

    Why are we even debating this? Throw this idea in the rubbish bin and whom ever allowed it to come this far for debate.

  5. somerset boy says:

    to call this proposal “hare brained” is an insult to hares.
    no way!!

  6. Vortex says:

    Is it April Fools?
    I can’t even believe this is even being considered.
    Paint balling on Front St anyone?

  7. ATVs should R.I.P. says:

    This has got to be one of the most ludicrous ideas for tours on the island. It lacks complete common sense given the destruction and disturbance this would cause in our national parks. Our parks should be sacrosanct, untouchable, as that is the only real open space we have left! It is really scary to know this idea has actually got this far but I applaud the government for sending this to public consultation.

  8. Tina B says:

    Lets see now has anyone really researched ATV’s?
    What I have seen in much larger countries is that they destroy the land they are driven on. They never follow speed limits set for themselves, which then causes people injury and death.
    Do we really want our beautiful parks ruined with speed and noise. Or are we going to wait until a person is killed on one of these things or a walker. Not to mention what they would do to the wild life.
    Bermuda is another world, please keep it that way we have so few public parks left to enjoy. It is bad enough that we have this problem already with the Jet Skis. Which has noise, accidents and killing our turtles.

  9. Tdog says:

    The same outcry you all had against the twizzys. The perception of what this tour is, is totally misguided, it is not a motocross atv tour nor are the bikes high powered atvs. They are as quiet as a standard 150cc scooter. Read the proposal before making absurd comments. When they introduced jetski tours, it was the same outcry about how those machines where going to be hazzards and noisey and cause havic to the see life, i bet you all rent them now. This tour will not impact the trails it is not a motocross tour.

  10. Yikes says:

    Hell no.

  11. Iggrunce says:

    Who proposed this is what I’d like to know? I have yet to meet anyone who is in favor of this….very odd!

  12. Kim Smith says:

    If you are experiencing difficulties submitting your comments to
    in respect of the proposal to allow ATVs to operate in Park land – you are invited to copy the email to the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) so that there is proof of your attempt to make a submission prior to the deadline date. Our email address is:

  13. Real Deal says:

    well i just took at look on youtube at ATV J010 150cc they atv involved. I feel a lot better now and plus the riders are supervised . I would suggest doing a mock tour with all that object to bring them in. They are different they i thought any way i don’t live west and aint been down that way in years