Garden Club “Strongly Objects” To ATV Plan

November 14, 2017

The Garden Club of Bermuda said they “strongly object” to the proposal to allow ATV access to “some of Bermuda’s most magnificent protected parklands.”

Garden Club President, Cindy Young said, “It is with grave concern that the Garden Club of Bermuda strongly objects to the proposal for the change of use to the Railway Trail Park, Fort Scaur and Hog Bay Park to allow all-terrain vehicles [ATVs] free access to some of Bermuda’s most magnificent protected parklands.

“The Garden Club commends Government’s public consultation on this matter and implores Government to deny permission for this misuse of our valuable protected parklands.

“According to PATI Information Statement, the Department of Parks is tasked to manage such protected areas according to the National Parks Act 1986, specifically:

“The protected areas are to be managed in a manner that protects, maintains and enhances the natural and historic values of the protected areas for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations; and to regulate the use of such protected areas so as to ensure that the environmental, social and economic benefits deriving from the areas are sustained.”

“The National Parks Act was created for the protection of open spaces, free of commercial development, for use by locals and tourists to enjoy the peace and quiet of parklands, for walking your dog, communing with nature and protecting wildlife and local flora.

“It would be a travesty to see Bermuda’s parklands destroyed in the name of “Eco-tourism”.

“The detrimental impact to the parklands would be massive and would include:

  • Trail degradation through soil erosion, compacting and runoff
  • Loss of plant life
  • Noise intrusion destroying the solitude of the natural settings
  • Nest desertion of birds impacting bird watchers
  • Safety of non ATV users
  • Destroying the natural experience and enjoyment of regular park users which may lead to a reduced usage of the parklands
  • Setting a precedent for future use of ATVs throughout the Island, and residents may consider they have the right to import their own ATVs to use on these parklands as well

“Bermuda’s parklands have been well served by the regulations of the National Parks Act 1986 for more than 30 years.

“The Garden Club of Bermuda would fully support the Government of Bermuda upholding the guiding principles of this Act to deny the proposal for the change of use to the Railway Trail Park, Fort Scaur and Hog Bay Park.”

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  1. sage says:

    License them for the roads then, they are the same size as a Twizy.

    • Cedar Stump says:

      Then rent a Twizy. Problem solved.

      • sage says:

        Why can’t a quad be licensed for the roads, what’s the problem? They are both similar in size and power, we have twin turbo V8 powered BMWs, Audi and Benz limos driving on the roads don;t we? I happen to think Twizys look silly.

        • Cedar Stump says:

          Pimp the Twizy out. Problem solved.

          • sage says:

            Well, dropping a hayabusa motor in one might raise its street cred somewhat I admit.

  2. REALLY?! says:

    Thank you Garden Club of Bermuda. Why are we even entertaining such a unbelievable and unrealistic idea? These machine, that are presently illegal to even import, let alone use on our precious Island, would be potentially used by novice and unlicensed drivers on or main roads… from the proposed starting point, they would have to cross 4 major intersections, before entering our busiest Middle Road and travel across ‘the smallest drawbridge in the World’, travelling up the hill, heading south to Hog Bay Park for about 1/3 of a mile.Then again crossing the road to then destroy our parkland and trails, putting many users on foot in danger. GIVE ME (and BERMUDA) a HUGE BREAK! You that are arranging this PLEASE STOP!

  3. Cedar Stump says:

    Then rent a Twizy. Problem solved.

  4. Dready says:

    The government will have its way, watch and see.

  5. Logic isn't a thing anymore says:

    You people have a very ********g cancerous mentality why don’t you come up with a new solution then to help tourist have a better time on instead of freaking shutting everything down. You’re all quick to shut down proposals but none of you ever come up with any, and stop pretending like you guys care about all the parkline cuz I swear you pick and choose which ones to take care of.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Not too long ago a group of individuals had an idea for something that would attract tourists here and give them something to do . Not only that , it gave a load of locals something to do and enjoy as well. After the event the environment was the same as it was before (unlike what’ll happen to the land that these atvs will be running over) and we had 13 new acres to play with , not to mention over $330mil extra in the economy.

      But a certain ‘people with a very ******g cancerous mentality’ tried to destroy it in every way possible and even still are lying about with made up figures and allegations.

      • Ezy Ryda says:

        Aint nobody lie about nothing you all are just trying to change the narrative on why ppl where upset with the OBA about the americas cup. And thise ‘people’ you are talking about are still suffering and job less after that 330mil got pumped in the oligarchy i mean ‘economy’ but what so i expect from a suspected racist to only defelct and change the narrative

      • sage says:

        After dumping up 11 acres of seabed the environment was the same? You would have to ride a lot of ATVs to destroy that much of an ecosystem.

  6. Harley Place says:

    If we stay in the past how will we ever move our country forward. Please get these none forward thinking out of here. Instead of looking at things as a problem how about you offer a solution.

  7. Jus' Wonderin' says:


  8. aceboy says:

    Is this the Railway Trail or the Rail Trail?

    It is all so confusing.

  9. FGARDENS says:


    • Ouch says:

      Have you seen the gouges these things leave on pathways? Heard them? Try walking or running the trails instead. It’s healthier and you might develop a respect for your surroundings and inhabitants. This definitely isn’t in line with eco tourism.
      I wish I could think of a place in Bermuda a lightweight, electric version would be suitable. Our parklands and reserves are special and a peaceful place to get away from the stresses of congested, high density areas.