Dunkley: “Only 11 Of 21 Have Been Completed’

November 7, 2017

“In the First 100 Days, the PLP promised to execute for immediate change, but have found it easy to promise before an election and unable to deliver after,” former Premier Michael Dunkley said, adding that, “I applaud the energy but results clearly are lacking and this is a failing grade.”

Mr Dunkley said, “In the First 100 Days the PLP committed to 21 pledges and I quote ‘we will execute the following plans to bring immediate change to Bermuda’s society.’

“The Premier said in a statement in the House on Friday ‘It is with great pride that I rise today to report that since this new Government took office we have successfully completed or significantly advanced 21 of 21- 100 day pledges…’ Later on in the statement he said, ‘Promises made – Promises Kept!’

“No doubt promises were made, many of them during the campaign, but the reality is promises have not been kept! Only 11 of 21 have been completed and in many of these questions have been raised. No spin by the Government can change the results.

Michael Dunkley Bermuda Nov 7 2017

Mr Dunkley added, “The following pledges have not been completed or significantly advanced.

  • “Grant additional powers to the Price Control Commission. Not complete. No change to the act tabled in the House yet. What discussion and consultation has taken place before any Bill is drafted?
  • “Conduct an urgent review of health and safety in all public schools. Not complete. Any review has not been made public and recommendations are not known. Releasing the review is critical for transparency and public input.
  • “Appoint a Director of Cooperative Economics at the BEDC. Not appointed and not complete.
  • “Conclude negotiations with Public Sector Unions. Not complete.
  • “Reverse the OBA immigration policy regarding musicians. Not complete. A policy proposed by musicians is being reviewed.
  • “Install fitness equipment in Bermuda’s public parks. Not complete. The statement says that outdoor fitness equipment has been identified [but not installed].
  • “Review the privatization contract between Aecon and the Government for the new airport terminal. Not complete. The review was only announced recently and is not complete. No costs have been announced and no framework for what is to be done in the review have been revealed.
  • “Implement the Sage Commission’s recommendation to form three permanent Parliamentary Oversight Committees. Not complete.
  • “Implement a Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament. Not complete. No code has been presented to the House.
  • “Commence the installation of Wi-Fi in all public schools. Not complete. Only two schools commenced.

Mr Dunkley added, “In regard to some of the completed pledges, many questions remain.

  • “Re-establish the Bermuda First. Complete. The Premier can appoint whom he desires but questions have been raised regarding the breadth and strength of the committee.
  • “Appoint a Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator. Complete. However a person was appointed to this post before the election so now there are two people doing the job? And are we paying two salaries?
  • “Provide access to funding for community clubs via a load guarantee enabling them to upgrade facilities and become self-sufficient while creating jobs for Bermudians. Complete. But the program details and how it works have not been laid out to clubs.
  • “Double the guarantee capacity of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation. Complete. Note the prior capacity was not close to being used.
  • “Establish a Bipartisan Committee on Immigration Reform. Complete. Questions have been raised as to how inclusive the committee is.
  • “Update the Ministerial Code of Conduct to ensure that the Cabinet is held to the highest ethical standards. Complete. Has the code been made public yet? Do Ministers have to sign it?
  • “Implement the Code of Practice for Project Management and Procurement. Complete. The Code was completed before the election and was in final consultation at the time.

“I applaud the energy but results clearly are lacking and this is a failing grade,” Mr Dunkley added

“In the First 100 Days, the PLP promised to execute for immediate change but have found it easy to promise before an election and unable to deliver after.

“This is very concerning on two fronts. The Premier delivers a statement to the House which at best is disingenuous about what has been done. Secondly, these pledges are of their own making and not the difficult decisions that arise on a regular basis for any government. If the current government is unable to deliver on their own pre-election 100 Day commitments how can we expect them to make the difficult decisions?

“The First 100 Days have not been a success for the Government. They have failed on their 21 pledges; we have seen a lot of photo opportunities, a larger number of Ministers and Junior Ministers when they criticized the former Government, a Junior Minister of Finance whose past experience makes it questionable as to the ability to do the job at the highest level, the granting of a work permit to Rev Tweed by a Government who say they put Bermudians first and regressive policies trampling on human rights.

“The PLP was provided a mandate to govern and now it appears there will be a short honeymoon period.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Being opposition is easy under any circumstances but under a plp government it is an absolute piece of cake.

  2. Frank says:

    Nothing has changed in the Oba the same people are the only
    Ones to speak where are the Oba shadow ministers
    Are they allowed t0 speak

  3. Ezy ryda says:

    I thought this spinless was retired….another Jedi mind trick

  4. alistair says:

    I think it is time Mr Dunkley graciously bowed out. He is no longer on the front bench but his public utterances give the impression that he is still the de facto leader of the OBA.
    Take a chill pill Dunks and relax.

  5. Stevie says:

    Tweed got his permit. Hush hush by PLP again.

    • Maxed Out says:

      Nothing wrong with that – I’m no Rev Tweed lover but the gentleman and his congregation were well within their rights to be vexed at the then Minister’s belligerence.

  6. puzzled says:

    More information in Dunkleys statements than in the first 100 days.

  7. 2025 plan says:

    They meant by 2025 they will have a 100 page report!

  8. watching says:

    and how many of former Premier Dunkley’s initiatives were implemented?

    He is behaving like a child who was embarrassed publicly. He would be more respected if he supported the government and worked together. He isn’t even working along with the OBA. He is on his own highway.

    • Onion Jiuce says:

      Is he correct, in his analysis? Must be, nothing to the contrary.

  9. Truths says:

    All valid points.
    And yes, how is giving GeneviveTweed a work permit putting “Bermudians First?”
    Actions speak louder than words PLP. Just sayin’.

    • wahoo says:

      Tweed must go! There are Bermudians that can do his job, he has been training Bermudians to be ministers and political puppets for a number of years and his work is done.

  10. Wake up says:

    His Facebook post, and recent responses here, clearly indicate resentment and his denial of his poor leadership. So to take the camera off himself he denies the premier’s statement that the Govt’s 100 day targets have all been completed or moved in significant ways. Not good enough for a man who is still trying to recover from a massive election defeat that electrocuted a finance minister and blew the fuse of his party that is still on its knees and about to be buried.

  11. Um.... says:

    OBA starting with the nitpicking already? Who cares about some arbitrary 100 Days borrowed from American politics? There are still 4+ years before the election. I suggest the OBA find a vision for Bermuda and voice that.

    • Spilt milk says:

      Thank you!

    • bdaboy says:

      ” I suggest the OBA find a vision for Bermuda and voice that.”

      When will the plp ever find a vision?
      the plp is a complete joke…you should remove your racist glasses and look :)

  12. Retired says:

    Dear Sir,

    The focus now is on “Getting Behind Bermuda” and helping to save our reputation and relevance as a jurisdiction of choice to help “move Bermuda forward” .

    Please reflect on your time as our Leader over a glass of egg nog.

  13. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    CONGRATS PLP for getting those “11 promises” to a better position than before the election. May the actions to accomplish those & the others be ongoing and that will be success.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, let’s focus on the positive, not the negative – Dunkley!

  14. Roger Lambert says:

    Congratulations PLP for getting those 11 “promises” to a better position than before the election. May you continue working on the others to get them to a better position and that will be success also.

  15. REAL TALK says:

    Still trying to be relevant after the beating your party took in July by the voters. Who’s in charge of the farm now….. you or Patricia?

    26 plp/BIU :)

    12 oba/UBP :(

    I told a friend the other day the original Bermuda Democratic Party (BDA) should never have merged with Dunkley and Trevor Moniz’s UBP party. The BDA party would be in charge right now. Changing the name does not change the party. Specially when the entire UBP flip flopped overnight.

    • nerema says:

      Suddenly you’re against having a government that tells the truth about whether it is doing what it says.

  16. can't handle the fire? get out of the kitchen says:

    Who cares about the 100 Days? Well the PLP ofcourse. They defined this metric for themselves. So because they didn’t meet their own metric we are all supposed to forget?
    You all are forgetting that for the last 5 years you were blasting the OBA at EVERY turn and now that the PLP are in power you expect an easy ride with no opposition or checks and balances? No way!!!!

  17. Joey says:

    The PLP illusion is fading away

  18. Gloria says:

    Well well Mr. Dunkley, we are still cleaning up the mess you got us into. You tried to sell Bermuda out, if you would have gotten back into power we would not to be able to call Bermuda our home. Sad but true. So I’m glad that the PLP are in power now so we could get our island and our means us Bermudians back.

    • Zevon says:

      What a mess. Improving economy, thriving tourism, new hotels. Thank goodness Burt is there to put wifi in schools some time in the future.

  19. puzzled says:

    When will the like and dislike button be put back.
    At least Mr. Dunkley don’t have to milk things…………………..
    You’ll get it.
    Take care Mike.

  20. Rhonda says:

    It’s embarrassing to see a Former Premier criticizing something positive.

    It must be painful for the OBA.

    Ok 11 completed 10 significantly started..

    Well done PLP ..

    OBA has not digested why they lost..

    This article is an example Why.

    Looks like red meat for their base..the rest of Bermuda is shaking their heads.

  21. lalaland says:

    the oba got homeowners house rented they got gdp up they boosted our tourism product they got hotels built and i can go on. the plp is in its 15 year of power now and all what i mentioned above the plp have never done! so just remember u got what u voted for! btw the plp been sold us to foreigners when they racked up that 1.5b debt!

    • Anbu says:

      Doesnt matter. Their voting base is too thick to grasp even the simplest aspects of how an economy works. King of the ashes mentality at its finest.

  22. rumsoak says:

    Please, he’s smarter than all the plp put together. He knows
    how to spell spineless.

  23. rumsoak says:

    We all know that the plp will bring this island into third world status .

  24. Rocky5 says:

    Dunkley showing that he should have always been an opposition MP

  25. Maxed Out says:

    Will this two time loser ever go away? The basic problem is that whatever this guy touches becomes all about him. Michael, go home and look after your milk monopoly and Frito Lay/Pepsi franchise.

    • Anbu says:

      Oh u mean the monopoly that has made him a millionaire? Lmao. U lot honestly think he suffers like u do? He could lose the next 50 elections and never have to worry abt how badly the economy may or may not be damaged. Hes made his money. Losing twice is nothing compared to how much you will most likely lose lmao. Smh. We deserve every bit of struggle coming our way. We have you to thank for it. See how well burt looks out for u.

  26. Sir Osiris says:

    PLP only succeeded in increasing their own paychecks, that is about the only thing they got done so far. And it is what they did last time too. Surprise, surprise. Make hundreds of empty promises you have no intention of keeping, and get rich fooling everyone. No different than before, and still mixed with the same race rhetoric as always. I guarantee you, the PLP will achieve nothing…the only changes we will see to Bermuda are the debt increasing AGAIN under their control. The debt they caused and made impossible for our island to pay off. You would think that the first thing they would promise and deliver on, is paying off the debt. I remember when Paula Cox was minister and she threw millions of dollars here and there for foreign consultants.

  27. bdaboy says:

    “Will this two time loser ever go away?”

    LOL, the OBA lost because the majority of the population have issues

    How many elections have been held in Bermuda?
    How many have the plp won?

    LMAO…you people are ridiculous…the rest of the world laughs at you.