Electric Vehicle Showcase To Be Held On Thurs

November 14, 2017

electic car generic 34r351The Department of Energy [DOE], in collaboration with Bermuda’s leading electric vehicle distributors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, will be hosting the Island’s first free, multi-vendor Electric Vehicle Showcase on Thursday  [Nov 16] from noon to 5.00pm at the Regency Terrace of the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club.

The public are invited to view some of the latest electric vehicle technology being offered on the Island and discuss why entrepreneurs and EV enthusiasts believe EVs are the future of residential and commercial transportation.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, November 15, the DOE collaborates with the Clinton Climate Initiative and Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room to host an Integrated Resource Planning [IRP] Workshop.

Attendees will include stakeholders from the energy and environmental sectors as well as representatives from the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda.

Facilitated by members of the Clinton Climate Initiative Small Islands Program, the workshop will review the Integrated Resource Planning process in other jurisdictions and explore options for Bermuda to undergo its own inclusive IRP process, led by the Authority.

These events are in conjunction with Thursday’s Bermuda Energy Summit 2017, the DOE’s high level meeting of business leaders, Government stakeholders, representatives of various environmental advocacy groups, and community leaders.

A keynote address is being delivered to the invited delegates by Dr. Devon Gardner, the Programme Manager for Energy of the CARICOM Secretariat, who has a wealth of experience in resource assessment, physical modeling, engineering design and policy development in the Caribbean.

Topics will include the current state of energy in Bermuda; the upcoming Integrated Resource Planning process; efficiency and conservation in the hospitality industry; regulatory reform and the role of the regulator; and, future technologies for storage and electric vehicles.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Questions to ask all of the vendors beyond the initial cost of the vehicle.

    What is the range with max load in Bermuda considering how hilly is here?

    What is the cost to fully charge?

    Does it need a special charger & is it included?

    How many times can the battery be cycled?

    What is the life expectancy of the battery? How many years?

    What is the cost of battery replacement?

    What if the battery does not live up to expectations? Compensation?