‘New Start’ For Bermuda Premier Twitter Account

November 19, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

The @BermudaPremier Twitter account was wiped clean of its Tweets when the PLP swept to power in July.

In the United States, when Donald Trump became president, the Tweets by Barack Obama were moved to a new account, @POTUS44 as a matter of public record. President Trump then had control of the official @POTUS handle.

In the UK, all the Tweets remain on the same account.

Bernews asked Government if the Tweets by former Premier Michael Dunkley were archived or if they were deleted, however did not receive a reply.

Mr Dunkley had recorded more than 3,000 Tweets through the official @BermudaPremier Twitter account.

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  1. rumsoak says:

    In the big scheme of things , who gives a @#$% about tweets.

    • Spilt milk says:

      My sentiment as well…. get off social media and get on with the job at hand… Its just another distraction.