Video: America’s Cup Documentary Part #4

December 15, 2017

“The 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda was very much about the Common Good of the island and its people. As a community we learned how to work together for the good of all and how to collaborate as agencies, government departments and the private sector for the best results,” the ACBDA said as Part 4 of their Earl Cameron narrated documentary is released.

“Bermuda is known for working together during times of crisis, but this was the first national event that required this scale of collaboration and cooperation, and Bermuda did it!

“In the planning stages and during the 5-week long event, private companies that usually compete for business instead joined forces to deliver large volumes of stock efficiently. Hear more from them on what was going on behind the scenes to make the event run smoothly and professionally.

“Meanwhile hundreds of locals gave their time and energy as XL Catlin FirstMates Volunteers in areas on the water, in hospitality, media management, marshalling and more.”

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  1. Athena says:

    Like how these episodes have the narrative from individuals who played pivotal roles especially the Marine & Ports spokesman, wholesalers spokesman and especially Ms. Denise Riviere.

    Creative solutions for a common goal, along with teamwork from all, equaled success when differing views were put aside. Definitely a lesson for us all to absorb.

  2. lizard says:

    Agree that the narrative’s from the actual persons involved was great, and I thought it was an interesting series. Not wanting to be negative but while Mr. Cameron is a master at his craft, and I personally think he is fantastic the series would have been easier on the ears with a “younger’ voice. Charlie Webbe is also in the same boat. The raspy voice just is not pleasing. Sorry guys…….

  3. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    BERMUDA needs to get on board and be in the spotlight if needed with the VOLVO ROUND THE WORLD OCEAN RACE.

    This 9 month event is presently scheduled to arive in Australia shortly.

    Although Bermuda is not a scheduled race stop over point, there could be other related services required as the boat head towards and depart New port next year.

    We have to be ready to provide mechanical, rescue services and medical services.