Video: America’s Cup Documentary Part #7

December 20, 2017

“The America’s Cup brought people from around the world and across Bermuda to work together over a finite and intense period and many close friendships and personal bonds were formed, most of which may last a lifetime,” the ACBDA said as Part 7 of the 9 part documentary was released.

“Everything from professional relationships and global contacts to social connections and new family friends, it all led toward the success of the event and the legacy benefits for our island community.”

“Featuring the comic duo Maquel Bailey from Bermuda’s government department of Marine & Ports and Greg Muir, ACBDA’s project advisor seconded from KPMG to ACBDA, these two had never met before the event, yet their strong friendship and deep respect for each other was key to a smooth-running transportation schedule. It’s a friendship that will likely last a lifetime.

“Also hear from the ACEA Food & Beverage manager, a Bermudian restauranteur, who shares great aspirations for Bermuda’s most-loved lemonade stand.

“Other key relationships were formed within the Joint Agency Command Centre with most of Bermuda’s service agencies working side-by-side, day in and day out.

“This is true of any future event, the relationships that are formed, introduce us to new ways of working and take us on new pathways professionally and socially.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    How can this be when the official position of the Bermuda Government is that it was $70 million wasted on millionaires and billionaires with no real benefit to Bermuda?

  2. Athena says:

    I found that joint agencies made this a seamless and totally enjoyable experience from entrance to exit. The vibe was fantastic.

    To quote the police spokeswoman “we formed a family of friends and colleagues.” Also very obvious that Maquel and Greg shared some good times.

    How anyone could refer to this event as ‘Mickey Mouse’ is really trying to deceive himself. You couldn’t get further from that term of reference.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    It is obvious that somebody is not telling or is not aware of the truth. Was it not a little sailboat race for rich people?