Hamilton Princess Launches New Local Beer

December 3, 2017

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club has launched a signature Indian Pale Ale [IPA] beer, the Hamilton Princess Peach IPA.

This exclusive new beer has been brewed by local brewery, On De Rock and will be served throughout the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, including at Crown & Anchor and Marcus’.

It will be rolled out to the Beach Club’s Tiki Bar and 1609 for the beginning of the tourist season in 2018.

Hamilton Princess Peach IPA (1)

Like all of On De Rock’s beers, the Hamilton Princess Peach IPA is 100% made in Bermuda, and its distinct peach flavour is inspired by the famous pink paint of the hotel.

“The IPA is medium in body and bitterness – with an International Bitterness Units [IBU] rating of 41 – and features a blend of four different types of hops. It is a smooth and drinkable beer with an alcohol volume of 4.3%,” a spokesperson said.

Hamilton Princess Peach IPA (2)

Diarmaid O’Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, said: “We are thrilled to be launching the Hamilton Princess Peach IPA.

“With its distinctive peach undertones and smooth taste, it is easy to drink and is the perfect choice for those enjoying the beautiful surrounding of the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, whether beer fans or novices.”

Hamilton Princess Peach IPA (3)

Guests can purchase a pint of the Hamilton Princess Peach IPA for $10 as well as a selection of On De Rock’s other locally brewed beers from any of the bars or restaurants throughout the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club resort.

Hamilton Princess Peach IPA (4)

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Comments (6)

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  1. Sherbet man says:

    Hopefully this will taste better than some of the options by On de Rock :/

    • keyboard says:

      Are you kidding? They produce the best beer bar none on the island, and cheap too, if you buy it from them. The mark-up by the local bars on 100% Bermudian-produced beer is ridiculous.

      I suspect you think that Becks is a marque beer?

    • Simon says:

      Where and when did you have Onderock beer? We are sorry that you didn’t like it although good craft beer is not going to be appreciated by everyone. The owner

    • Taaj F says:

      Lol on de rock was pretty good…

  2. Kathy says:

    Why is it called “Indian” Pale Ale? Shouldn’t it be called “Bermudian” Pale Ale?
    Or “Princess” Pale Ale? How did they decide on the name?

    • Dave Jones says:

      Hi Kathy
      India Pale Ale is the style of beer. (IPA)