One Communications Holding Beach Cleanup

December 4, 2017

One Communications today [Dec 4] announced its inaugural beach cleanup effort taking place this Saturday, December 9th at Frank’s Bay & Railway Trail in Southampton.

As part of an ongoing series of community engagements initiated by the staff, the ‘OneCommunity’ team is encouraging friends and family to come together for a few hours to help with the cleanup. Three employees in particular saw the desperate need to take action, and have lead the charge with assisting in combating ocean pollution.

One Communications Network Engineers Michele Belvedere, Donte Brown, and Tiffany Samuels

One Com Network Engineers Bermuda Dec 2017

“While our day-to-day focus is on technology, our lives consist of more than that.” says Michele Belvedere, Network Engineer for One Communications. “

“Garbage on our beaches and along the railway trails is not only unsightly, it’s harmful to wildlife. This cleanup will help prevent waste, especially plastics, from making its way into our surrounding waters.

“These plastics accumulate in the sea and swirl around one of five oceanic gyres – regions where currents push water [and floating debris] in an inward circular motion, trapping it in the centre. The results of this swirling waste are enormous floating garbage heaps. One of these vortexes is the Atlantic Trash Vortex.”

While speaking with Donte Brown as to why he is so passionate about this endeavour, he stated, “With the environment playing such an important part in our lives, we need to play our small part in keeping it clean by picking up trash and avoid littering. If we take care of the environment, the environment will take care of us.”

The company said, “The cleanup will start at 9:00 a.m. and run until noon. Volunteers are welcomed to join us at Frank’s Bay & Railway Trail in Southampton, in efforts to haul away cigarette butts, broken bottles, plastic bags and more. The team recommends all volunteers attending to bring your own refillable water bottle as drinking water will be provided, along with gloves. Wearing comfortable clothes and old sneakers is also strongly suggested.”

Adds Tiffany Samuels, the third Network Engineer in this trio, “We hope to attract volunteers for a fun and worthwhile day. We already have a number of staff members taking part, and would love the additional help of residents. This is an event for everyone and we’re encouraging all groups to come and join us, after all we are #OneCommunity”.

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