Paul Telford Named Hotelier Of The Year

December 15, 2017

The Bermuda Hotel Association [BHA] announced that Mr. Paul Telford — the General Manager of Rosewood Bermuda — is their 2017 Hotelier of the Year.

Paul Telford Bermuda Dec 2017

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Hotel Association is pleased to announce that Mr. Paul Telford, General Manager, Rosewood Bermuda is their 2017 Hotelier of the Year.

“Mr. Telford was presented with the award by the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, the Hon. Jamahl Simmons JP, MP at the Bermuda Hotel Association Members Annual Christmas Luncheon which was held at the Coco Reef Resort on Thursday, 14th December.

“On presenting the award the Minister congratulated Mr. Telford and stated that he was an excellent role model for any Young Bermudian aspiring to have a career in the hospitality / hotel industry and wished him much continued success in the future.

“Mr. Telford on receiving the award thanked his Association colleagues for selecting him and pledged to continue to work to ensure that Bermuda continues to advance as the destination of choice for our future visitors.”

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Comments (7)

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  1. mj says:

    more photo ops!

  2. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Of course he is…

  3. Warwick West says:

    WOW the plot thickens !!! Poor Kevin Dallas never stood a chance!

    Mr. Telford – under normal circumstances I am sure this is well deserved. However the last 24 hours was not “normal” sadly for the BTA. The timing and the optics on this is terrible and the collective P.R. machine on this is a mega fail.

    You both looking so cosy and pleased with yourselves while Kevin Dallas gets a public rebuking and a boot up his a**e.

    • Steffan Telford says:

      Dear Warwick West,

      Being awarded Hotelier of the Year by his peers at the Bermuda Hotel Association represents an immense moment of pride for my brother and our family. He has worked very hard over the years, having experienced challenges, tribulations, adversity, getting his “a**e kicked”, and along the way has accumulated many amazing memories which he will cherish for years to come.

      When he was presented this award, my brother was emotional because this is something deeply important to him, not only because of his passion for what he does, but also because of our father. You see, our father, as a black Bermudian growing up in Somerset, in a family with limited resources, taught us that through hard work, dedication, determination, and sheer spirit, no matter where you come from, you can achieve whatever it is you want in life. Our father was our mentor and best friend. He meant the world to us, and as a career long hotelier, if he were alive to see my brother being awarded Hotelier of the Year yesterday, I know, as my brother was probably thinking, that he would have been bursting with pride and joy.

      The smile you see on my brother’s face as the Minister of Tourism presents him the award, is not a “cozy”, “pleased” with ones-self smile thinking of someone else’s difficult day. That’s a smile of a young Bermudian having achieved something with his life for which he is proud of. Not shown in that photo, but certainly seen by my brother in front of him in that moment, was a room full of fellow hoteliers, industry partners, our mother, and his wife. That smile is a reflection of those people smiling back at him. My brother had just listened to the nominations, tributes from people he’s worked with over the years and tributes from his family, all explaining why he was selected as Hotelier of the Year. It’s probably safe to say that he was smiling from ear to ear because he was happy in that moment. Maybe even proud. And you know what? He totally deserves to be happy! He has every right to be proud! Good on him!

      It is certainly true that there are some very important debates and decisions being made in our country these days. Unfortunately timing is not ideal, however, when has timing ever been perfect? My brother being awarded Hotelier of the Year has nothing to do with a PR machine, as you suggest. The annual BHA Christmas banquet and Hotelier of the Year awards ceremony is always held in the second or third week of December.

      In his speech while accepting the award, my brother said that he was accepting the award on behalf of the entire team at Rosewood Bermuda, because he sees this as a victory for the team, not selfishly for himself. Knowing my brother as I do, he is treating his role at the BTA in the same way he does at the hotel; it’s all about the team and how they can together, achieve success. His agenda is as clear as day, success for tourism in Bermuda for all Bermudians, and success at his hotel for everyone involved.

      Congratulations little brother! We’re all proud of what you’ve accomplished, and I know that Dad is smiling down on you.

      Keep it up Telford!

    • BermudaRat says:

      Well, well, well. Surely impeccable timing!
      Rosewood Bermuda (formerly known as Rosewood Tuckers Point) was purchased by an affiliate of Gencom, Miami. So they will close the hotel until April 2018 for what is called “a comprehensive renovation”.
      Bermudians should take note that the new owner, Gencom,will “develop, market and sell properties including townhomes, single family homes, villas and condo-hotel units” on those same areas were there were major protests by BEST and the members of the local commmunity about acres upon acres of woodland and shore areas that could be swallowed up. Those fears are now indeed to be realised. Meanwhile the hotel is closed and the devastation has started in Tuckers Town.

  4. Dangel says:

    Congratulations Paul!!!!

  5. Warwick West says:

    Me Steffan Telford
    Thanks very much for yours which is well noted and no doubt absolutely correct. I have said it already and will say again – sadly in this instance while no doubt well deserved and earned for sure, the timing was horrible. Sadly tainted by the previous 24 hours. Again no doubt well deserved. No question whatsoever. However am told timing is everything.
    Congratulations Mr Paul Telford for years of great service.