Scooter Mart Accepting Bitcoin Payments

December 21, 2017

Saying that they believe it will be a very common practice in years to come, Scooter Mart is now accepting digital currency, with the bike dealership accepting Bitcoin [BTC] and Verge [XVG] payments.

Scooter Mart Grand Opening Bermuda April 5 2017 (5)

Nick Thomson from Scooter Mart told Bernews, “Bitcoin is a relatively new form of worldwide digital currency also known as a cryptocurrency. It has just recently become widely known and used.

“We believe this technology has potential to solve global economic and wealth disparity problems, than any technology yet to come. We at Scooter Mart are long time advocates and believers of bitcoin and other digital currencies, and we are now accepting them as a form of payment for our motorcycles.

“We believe this will be a very common practice in 1-2 years, and in 3-5 years almost every business will accept bitcoin or other digital currencies, similar to the adoption of credit cards. We currently accept Bitcoin [BTC] and Verge [XVG]“.

Scooter Mart opened earlier this year, and is located on Lovers Lane in Paget.

scootermart Bermuda Dec 20 2017

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    Silly Wabbits :-D

    • AFAHM says:

      What goes up, must come down.
      A Fool and His Money Will Soon be parted.
      Don’t believe the hype, it a sequel.
      If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
      Cash is King.

      Lots of sayings and song lyrics come to mind.

      I wish you well Mr. Tompson but Bitcoin is way to young, untested, and still in the honeymoon period for me to trust. Been this type of story headline before. Who you gonna call if your statement doesn’t match what you think it should be. Who you gonna call if you are hacked, or lose your password?

      I await the answers. I’ve asked the same of my IT techie friends and never got an answer. Hopefully someone can tell me. Lol

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      How humorously ironic the Bitcoin price plummeted a day after this offer and keeps on dropping. Yamaha GT might end up costing $1 by the end of day.

  2. Redamtibi says:

    Not quite sure how BC will solve wealth disparity? There is no magic pill to wealth. You gotta bust your a$$…pity on those who believe BC will generate wealth just because. Grad classes of 2020 will be discussing BC much the same as grad classes of 2000 discussed the .com bust…

    • Beeki says:

      The .com bust? Oh you mean like
      Bitcoin will not generate wealth “just because”, but the underlying technology of Bitcoin “Blockchain” will solve many of today’s global economic wealth disparity issues in many ways. I’m sure you and the rest of the ‘slow adopters’ will surely realize once it’s too late.

    • S. Nakamoto says:

      Perhaps a bit more investigation behind the causes for global wealth disparity might assist you in coming to better conclusions about the impact Crypto-Currencies like BC could have on the issue.

      A small example: nearly half of the world’s population in un-banked (according to world bank statistics).No bank makes it difficult to have savings and investment funds. It is difficult to create and pass on wealth when you have no secure way of storing and sharing the value funds create. BC together with Blockchain is one possible route that will allow these people to have access to the ability to store, receive and spend funds across borders without the need for Banks and other financial institutions.

      • cha says:

        Provided they have internet access…which many do not.

        • S. Nakamoto says:

          Internet access via mobile device resolves a large part of that challenge.

  3. facts of the rock says:

    25,000 Saddam dinars and half a Mars bar for a bike ….deal?

  4. I heart 441 says:

    Is this the first business on the island to accept it?

  5. puzzled says:

    Next we will be back to keeping sheep in our hoses and goats so we can trade them.
    But would health regs say….

  6. Islander says:

    This young man will do very well in any economic state . His father taught him very well.

    • frank says:

      bitcoin is not hard currency just fictional money on a computer
      after you buy it you have to find another fool try and sell it to
      basically it is just another internet scam
      can’t pay your rent with it or buy food

      • gotcha says:

        Exactly – here in Bermuda Bitcoin will still ultimately have to be converted to BDA Currency and then to USD.

        For example – Scooter-mart sells a bike for .15BC – he then company then has to convert/exchange it to BDA or USD to buy anything meaningful – like – oh lets say – their next shipment of bikes or parts…

        Try convincing a shipping company to accept BC – last I checked the oil companies (which supply their fuel) were not accepting BC….

  7. Real Deal says:

    Most financial experts who predicted accurately the dramatic rise of Bitcoin to the insane levels it is at now, have also been predicting for like a half a year now, that this massive rise would come to a sudden and massive fall. It is predicted Bitcoin will go much higher and then basically “blow the fuse”, and will collapse. You might want to reconsider this choice.

  8. Real Deal says:

    dont think it is a good idea to spend your bitcoin when the value is rising. spend your other money keep your bitcoin for now

  9. bo says:

    p&d on the verge i rate it high

  10. Truth says:

    The US dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1913 (and other paper currencies pegged to it)

  11. squirrell says:

    bo buh

  12. Rocky5 says:

    Bitcoin worth too much right now to buy a scooter. Maybe when it crashes.