‘Humane Decision To Euthanize Charlie & Arthur’

January 18, 2018

“It is with great sadness that, under veterinarian advice, the humane decision was made to euthanize Charlie and Arthur,” the SPCA said, with the organisation explaining that “years of neglect and infection had left them both with severe dental issues” and the time had come.

Arthur and Charlie had previously been carriage horses and were found in very poor condition following an anonymous tip from a member of the public, with the horses found in a cramped stall, malnourished and suffering from a number of skin and dental issues

With an aim to let them live out their remaining time in peace and comfort, the SPCA took over their care, with assistance from members of the public who donated towards the effort.

However, within the last two weeks Charlie’s health rapidly declined and he stopped eating solid foods completely and Arthur also had issues, so they determined that “the time had come.”

Charlie & Arthur Bermuda Jan 18 2018

The Bermuda SPCA spokesperson said, “It is with great sadness that, under veterinarian advice, the humane decision was made to euthanize Charlie and Arthur on Tuesday, 9th January 2018.

“Years of neglect and infection had left them both with severe dental issues. The SPCA was warned when the horses were found and examined that Charlie, in particular, was at great risk of his jaw breaking due to bone loss directly attributed to extensive dental infection. An equine dental specialist visiting Bermuda in October confirmed there was nothing that could be done to prevent the inevitable continued deterioration.”

According to Dr Lucy, Cedar Tree Vets Limited, “After several months involvement with these horses, and collaboration with other professionals, it was clear that Charlie’s quality of life was diminishing due to chronic pain. The difficult decision to put him to sleep was therefore taken.”

“The goal from the start had always been to give these lovely, old horses the best possible retirement for as long as they remained pain free, without unmanageable deterioration, filled with unlimited grass and hay, good food, love and kindness.

The SPCA said, “Arthur and Charlie became part of a very loving and dedicated family. In addition to their foster family and friends, all donors, volunteers and staff were invited to come and spend time with them.

“Sadly this day came faster than anticipated. Within the last two weeks Charlie’s health had rapidly declined. Weight gained previously, while in foster care, quickly dropped off and he was having obvious difficulty with eating.

“On Sunday January 7th, Charlie stopped eating solid foods completely. Dr. Lucy was called and she confirmed that the time had come.

“In addition, as Arthur was so incredibly attached and also had his own issues, it was determined that it would be cruel to separate the pair and keep Arthur after the loss of his lifetime companion.

“Therefore the difficult decision was made to euthanize them both. A post mortem examination revealed that in fact Arthur’s teeth had also deteriorated and it was determined that he must have been in discomfort as well.

“Their last few days were filled with visits from friends and donors and as much applesauce, bran mash, molasses and other soft foods and treats as they could consume.

“Their last day was sunny and relaxed and, as a final gift from their foster family, there was no trailer ride to the dump for them [the fate of most horses on the island]. They were calmly put to sleep, surrounded by people who loved them, and buried on the property where they had spent their last, happy months, cared for devotedly by their foster family.

“The SPCA is eternally grateful for the donations that were sent in for Arthur and Charlie, which assisted considerably in the feeding of the horses. Notably the foster family covered the majority of additional costs. ”

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  1. facts of the rock says:

    I’d really enjoy euthanizing the pathetic previous owner!

  2. Horse Lover says:

    These were carriage horses who worked for their owner and made a lot of money for them as well. The previous owners should be ashamed of themselves for not caring for these animals until their natural death. Clearly they used them and then discarded them. Bermuda should consider banning carriage horses if this is their fate.

    • Onion Juice says:

      What I find amusing is there is a segment of society that have a strong passion for animals with outcries and offering thousands of dollars in rewards, but when it comes to their fellow human beings the silence is deafening.
      I agree that ill-treating animals is wrong, but the response compared to someone taking an animals life being called sub-human (which has a historical racist connotation) compared to the silence and no finiancial rewards when someone is murdered shows how we are socially conditionded to have more ampathy for animals then our fellow human beings, even though some of them are @$$#@£$.
      Its a Historical conditioning which has been engrained in our society when at one time a certain segment in society were considered in the catagory as livestock.
      But taking the life of a defenceless living creature without the intention of consuming it shows how warped ones thinking is.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        I don’t see your posts sticking up for humans either FOH bra!

      • Truth Be told says:

        I hear you on that but what needs to be made clear is that where there is animal abuse studies show that there is an extremely high likelihood that there is also domestic violence. Animal abuse is also where it starts.. once you experiment on animals, you then translate that to humans. So, until the police and courts start taking animal abuse seriously in Bermuda, domestic violence isn’t going to get under control. That’s the sad reality. Most abusers of animals get off with a slap on their wrist or because the legislation is so bad, they can’t even be prosecuted.

      • Double S says:

        I have yest to see any marches on Parliament from a certain segment regarding these murders despite having numerous marches ob various other topics from 2013 to 2017. Have yet to see any financial rewards from that certain segment.

        But they sure did find the time to shut down Parliament twice over immigration and an airport development.

        The silence is deafening. But maybe an airport development is more important to those same people then the murder of their own.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        And what are you doing to fix all the things that you’re referring to ?

        You worry about what YOU want and they’ll worry about what they want !

        Oh, you forgot ’2 Bermudas’

      • Izzypop says:

        People hv the right to do what they choose with their money..
        Most who murder start with animals

  3. Weldon Wade says:

    Wow. Very sad.

  4. thumper says:

    Thouroughly disgusted…euthanize previous owner…then toe tag him…double tap that basket!

  5. Rosie Marangiello says:

    Disgraceful … when will owner be prosecuted? Ditto w/owner of drowned dog, found tied to block other day, what about prosecuting that one too? Yes, it all comes out in the wash … but when will laundry be done???

  6. PANGAEA says:

    We neeed stiffer laws for animal cruelty ,they can not speak for them selved…….. only cry in pain !

    Talk about penalties for crimes of cruelity to amimals.

    1) Restriction of privalages is always the better way to go .

    2) Monatary fines is a Govermment a graduated money making idea designed to increase revenue, that is almost as bad as the crime. This not 1609

    What right does a Government have to take away food off another mans table by taking his lively hood away to satify the penalty.

    Mr. Lawmaker .Don’t put your hands in another mans pocket.

  7. Real Deal says:

    I bet they wish they was born in the wild. filthy humans

  8. Kathy says:

    Owners need to be held liable for the death of these beautiful horses. No animal should suffer neglect in Bermuda to this extent. There is no excuse for them not being prosecuted and sent to jail!