Photos & Video: Youth Maker Showcase

January 22, 2018

Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines attended the Youth Maker Showcase this weekend, which was organized to support Bermuda’s young people.

The event, which took place on Saturday, January 20th at the CedarBridge Academy Gym from 3:00 to 6:30pm, was aimed at celebrating the innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness of Bermuda’s students. The Youth Maker Showcase was held in conjunction with the All School Principal’s Parent Expo, and was sponsored by the Department of ICT Policy & Innovation.

The 6-minute live video replay is below:

Minister of National Security Wayne Caines previously said, “The Youth Maker Showcase is such an exciting event that provides parents and students with an opportunity to be introduced to the organizations that help our youth with innovative learning opportunities and with character building activities.


“We are pleased to be supporting the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative in coordinating the Youth Maker Showcase along with the Department of Education and Workforce Development and the Department of Social Development and Sports.”

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