Lyndy Thatcher Performs At Westmeath

February 20, 2018

This past Wednesday, Lyndy Thatcher, a Bermuda real estate agent for Rego Sotheby’s International Realty, shared her love of music by performing on her ukulele in front of a large crowd at Westmeath Residential and Nursing Care Home in Pembroke for Valentine’s Day.

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“It felt so good to provide entertainment for such a sweet group of people,” Ms Thatcher said. “I played some World War II hits and some classic Rock and Roll, and I was thrilled when they started singing along and tapping their feet to the beat.

“There was one song, “Da Doo Ron Ron” by the Crystals, that when I started to play some of the couples even got up to dance. We all need more reasons to get up and dance, and I was so happy to give them that reason, especially on Valentine’s Day.”

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A spokesperson said, “Ms Thatcher first picked up the ukulele one day while walking down Reid Street in the City of Hamilton. After seeing ukuleles in a music store window, she was inspired to learn.”

“There’s not many ukulele artists on island,” Ms Thatcher said. “But the ukulele is an incredibly unique instrument which musically captures the island lifestyle so well. I was happy to share my talent and love for island style music with the kind Westmeath community, and I would love to perform again.”

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  1. Mrs Brady says:

    You go Lyndy! I play a bit of Uke myself. Lets get together!

  2. Darkstar says:


  3. Dux says:

    Well done Lyndy. So very thoughtful of you and it was obviously a very fulfilling experience for everyone. A wonderful thing to have done. Keep it up!