Hamilton Princess Sold Out For Triathlon Event

April 17, 2018

The official hotel for the MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda — the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club — is now sold out for the weekend of festivities, April 26th – 29th and April’s occupancy numbers are trending higher than last year.

Bermuda Tourism Authority confirmed today that at the beginning of April, island-wide hotel bookings were pacing 10.6% ahead of last April and most of the occupancy increase is attributed to group room nights.

The organisers said, “A prestigious global sporting event, the World Triathlon Series has attracted nearly 100 professional athletes from 30 countries, to compete in a field of the world’s best, next weekend.

“These are the highest performing elite triathletes in the sport including the world’s best female, and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist Bermudian Flora Duffy and the world’s top-ranked male Mario Mola, representing Spain.

“Athlete registration has now closed and more than 600 athletes will step up to the start line on Race Day, first in the amateur Age Group race in the morning and later in the Elite race on Saturday afternoon.

“Bermuda’s success in attracting a strong field of competitors in the first of three World Triathlon Series events to be hosted here, has led to a ‘full house’ at the Official Hotel.”

The resort’s General Manager Tim Morrison said; “The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is extremely happy with the results of the partnership with World Triathlon Bermuda in its capacity as Official Main Sponsor and Official Event Hotel.”

The organisers added, “The Age Group amateur race starts at 7am when hundreds will plunge into Hamilton Harbour from the spectacular event venue at Car Park #1, transformed into a sports arena.

“The Elite Men’s race begins at 1pm and at 4pm Flora Duffy will race in the Elite Women’s race, also starting from the blue-carpeted arena on Front Street.

“The triathlete visitors also travel with their partners, support crew and friends; Hamilton will be buzzing with excitement.”

Pat Philip-Fairn, Chief Product and Experiences Development Officer of Bermuda Tourism said; “All of Bermuda can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and support Flora Duffy from the sidelines anywhere on the course, for free.

“A free public viewing deck on Front Street will be available from 7am – 6pm and various locations will be identified as prime viewing Fan Zones.”

Course maps and details of the weekend’s festivities are available at www.tribermuda.com

click here ITU Triathlon in Bermuda

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  1. WSP says:

    Thankyou OBA

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well at least this made up for de AC full occupancy flop.

    • wahoo says:

      Yes thanks for making this all possible OBA.

      • mixitup says:

        I’d be impressed if both Fairmont Hotels were sold out, considering it’s the ‘World Triathalon’ but from what I hear, the numbers are not there. But go ahead, thank your OBA, if that’s what blows up yor skirt…lol

        • Anbu says:

          What has the plp done that is even worth mentioning numbers wise again? Oh ya…….
          Tiger woods coming back yet?

    • Go Flora! says:

      Thank you to Philipp Schmidt, who inspired this; to the Bermuda Triathlon Association (led so well by Steve Petty); to Flora Duffy for being such a great champion for this, quite apart from being such a great athlete; and to the Bermuda Tourism Authority, MS Amlin and all the other sponsors and supporters!

  2. dick francis says:

    Given that it is the official hotel, I would expect it to be sold out especially as athletes can come with a considerable entourage.
    Does that sell-out equate to the 10.6 percent increase in occupancy – or are other hotels also benefiting? Also, what is the TV/media coverage looking like?

    I am not trying to knock this – I think it has the potential to help Bermuda a great deal but in order to judge the potential we need a little more information.

  3. Terry says:

    Good call.

  4. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    How um supposed to leave my gates if de roads blocked off?! Seriously though what do we do?

    • smh says:

      hundreds of athletes coming to the island, free publicity for Bermuda and an overall benefit to our economy and bermuda’s tourism industry as a whole yet you’re only concerned with how you will get into your gate lmao. Im sure the powers that be have thought this through. Don’t fret Jus’ Wonderin’

      • The real Terry says:

        @smh Do not worry with what jus’ wonderin’ posts, they do not even live on the route in the first place but does lead one to ‘wonder’, why they never post a similar objection to the half marathon on May 24. Just part of the negativity against successful sporting events like this and the AC arranged by the OBA

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          If the half marathon went round my yard and didn’t let me leave my gates i’d say the same thing and you don’t know where i stay so stfu ya dummy! I’m for this successful event AND the half marathon, anything Bermuda athletes feature in um for but until 12pm is a big nuisance! How do I make work if I can’t leave my yard? idiot

      • k says:

        Its only for certain periods, and the track itself is very small – it will be done in laps. Im sure you would get gaps in betweeen races they will let you out with an escort, much like may 24th marathon, we just deal with it :) Relax and enjoy the races.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        I understand that but still its a big inconvenience specially when um got things to do in the am LIKE MAKE WORK! 4am until 12pm is a big chunk of time poppa!

    • tammytri says:

      Roads leading onto the race course are closed for the duration of the race. Check the Corporation or the Triathlon website. Just like any major event there are road closures and these have been made public and circulated for months so people can plan their exits.

  5. LOL says:

    So much for a change in a law having a negative impact on tourism.

  6. facts of the rock says:

    when all the hotels and guest houses are full then I’ll be impressed.

    • Anbu says:

      Tell the plp lets have it then. Talk to roban. Im sure they can fit a lot of people on a space shuttle

    • tammytri says:

      It’s great to have visitors to our shores. I am sure now that Hamilton Princess is full other hotels will get booked. Good for Bermuda! Well Done!

  7. Really says:

    Thank you OBA. Hmm……time will tell what the great PLP will bring to the island. I know the answer nothing but more debt. Watch and see. They are not wise enough to even start to think about what they can do for us. The only thing they can do is spout about OBA. Time for them to move and earn their pay. Bunch of clowns in a circus.

  8. lizard says:

    I did not see on the brochure which govt. dept. authorised the road closures stopping residence from travelling on certain roads during certain hours.
    Just asking……….

  9. joe blow says:

    What……another “boat race”