Photos & Results: Expansion Knockout Final

April 12, 2018

After the game went down to penalties, Devonshire Cougars defeated the Somerset Trojans in the Expansion Knockout Final at the National Sports Center.

Devonshire Cougars starting line up included Kioshi Trott, Cashun Brangman, Damian Simmons, Jahdae Wade, Jinairo Johnson, Juma Mouchette, Lovintz Tota, Moses Steede, Nyeem Simmons, Zekiro White, and Zion Simmons.

Somerset Trojans starting line up included Jade Morrissey, Justin Corday, Richard Quinn, Coolidge Durham, Jadan Ratteray Smith, Ramar Simmons, Makai Joell, Jeze Butterfield, Hewby Butterfield, and Jaellan Greaves.


After a scoreless first half, the Somerset Trojans goalkeeper allowed a kick from Devonshire Cougars goalkeeper Kioshi Trott to fall through his fingertips and into the back of the net in the 64th minute. Five minutes later the score was level when Justin Corday’s header beat Trott at the far post.

Neither team was able to score for the remainder of the game sending it to penalties. Trott made two saves ,and along with his goal he was named the Man of the Match.

Kicks from the Penalty Mark

  • Somerset Trojans – Malachi Jones – Saved
  • Devonshire Cougars – Nyeem Simmons – Missed
  • Somerset Trojans Jaellan Greaves – Scored
  • Devonshire Cougars – Jomeko Mallory – Scored
  • Somerset Trojans – Justin Corday – Scored
  • Devonshire Cougars – Jahdae Wade – Scored
  • Somerset Trojans – Jeze Butterfield – Scored
  • Devonshire Cougars – Lovintz Tota – Scored
  • Somerset Trojans – Jaz Ratteray Smith – Saved
  • Devonshire Cougars – Mark Steede – Scored

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