RA: ‘Smart Meters In Bermuda Considered Safe’

June 23, 2018

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda released the findings of its independent assessment of BELCO smart meters, saying that the “test results show that smart meters used in Bermuda are considered safe for general population.”

“The Authority tested radio frequency [RF] radiation emissions against the standards for Maximum Permissible Exposure [MPE],” the RA said.

“Smart meters, or Advanced Metering Infrastructure [AMI], are used by BELCO to meter the use of electricity. The meters relay the usage data using wireless technology, in place of manual meter readings.

“The Authority initiated the meters emission testing to address public concern about the safety of smart meters in Bermuda. The study was conducted using a recommended methodology of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission [FCC] Office of Engineering.

The Authority’s test results show that smart meters used in Bermuda are considered safe for general population. The emissions are significantly lower than the maximum allowable limit. The test results for both models of smart meter used by BELCO are:

  • Aclara/GE-I210+c: Emits less than 3 percent [2.7%] of the maximum permissible exposure.
  • ITRON Centron®: Emits less than 1 percent [0.134%] of the allowable limit.

“The RF emission measurements were taken in front of the smart meter antenna and 3 feet from the meter. Details of the assessment methodology and the full report is available online at www.rab.bm.”

The Authority’s report states; “Data collected during the activation survey of the area clearly indicated that the general public is not exposed to levels of radio frequency radiation higher than the FCC Standard.”

“BELCO is replacing its manual-read meters to ‘smart’ technology island-wide. The installation of smart meters and the selection of the device used, is a decision by BELCO. The Authority authorized the use of radio frequency [RF] spectrum for the smart meters.”

The RA Smart Meter MPE Testing Report follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Question says:

    So they “tested” two meters over a 30 minute period. No idea whether the meters perform consistently over time. No idea whether they deteriorate, No idea whether they emit any more or less over a prolonged period. No peer review. No reference to any manufacturer or overseas regulatory reviews or actions.
    We would have to be idiots to place any faith in this. I’ve seen 6th grade science exoeriments with more credibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re that disatisfied with the findings, why don’t you go along and perform your own tests?

    • SMDMFH says:

      You wouldn’t be typing that response on a computer or cell phone, which is connected to wifi or wireless data by any chance would you. Because if you are I’ve got some bad news for you.

  2. Redrose says:

    They won’t be putting one in my apartment as I am 1 of 6 apartments so no study had been done where that many meters are all together and what that does to people! Not gonna happen!

  3. Redrose says:

    They come in my yard uninvited and there is gonna be some trouble! They have not done a study where 6 meters all together generate what level of radiation so not gonna get a chance to experiment on me on my neighbors in our apartment complex. And bring the Police so we can see if they learned anything from last pepper spray situation! Rise up Bermuda!

    • lol says:

      please…tell me what you know about waveforms….. you sound like an idiot.

  4. SMDMFH says:

    We have been exposed to non-ionizing radiation constantly since the beginning of time and now all of a sudden its bad for you? Anyone that is opposing smart meters that is not Amish is a hypocrite. Throw away your cellphones, microwaves, televisions, blenders and light bulbs, then we can take you anti-smart meter conspiracy theorists serious.