Bermuda Heroes Weekend Says ‘Thank You’

June 23, 2018

The BHW team expressed their gratitude to the patrons and sponsors of the Bermuda Heroes Weekend, saying, “this would not have been remotely possible without each and every one of you.”

A BHW spokesperson said, “Sweet exhaustion has set in and the BHW Ltd. team is in total recovery mode. However, we cannot be at complete rest until we tell our amazing patrons and generous sponsors how deeply grateful we are to you all.

“With your help, 2018’s BHW has been the most successful one to date. This year in a tremendous way we have truly lived up to being called the fastest growing Carnival in the world. And this would not have been remotely possible without each and every one of you.

Slideshow of the BHW Raft Up:


“It was a proud moment to be a Bermudian as our team witnessed the hospitality shown by our local people, especially by the volunteers at our events. Because of you, our visitors from across the globe felt welcomed as they had a grand time. On their way back to their homelands many promised to return next year, to party again, as well as to soak in the ambience of their new favourite destination.

“We would also be remiss if we did not express our full gratitude to the artists who believed in our vision and came to enthusiastically perform for our eager audiences. They alongside the energetic cast of DJs filled the crowds with the drive to keep going from 5 Star Friday to Last Lap. Your collective talents created an unforgettable atmosphere of festive fun that we look forward to recreating with you in the years to come.

Slideshow of the BHW Parade of Bands


“Our team would also like to personally thank our sponsors who worked tirelessly with us. Specifically, The Government of Bermuda, Colonial Insurance, The Bermuda Tourism Authority, One Communications, Johnnie Walker, Heineken, Smirnoff, Bacardi & Icelandic, together with Bermuda Motors, and the People’s Pharmacy. These benevolent investments insured that each event was safe, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone who was interested in participating.

“As the BHW Ltd. team enjoys some well-earned peace and recuperation, please know that nothing we have accomplished would have been possible without your support. Our team may have initiated this concept, but it is your encouragement, which has transformed our dreams into startlingly brilliant reality.

“You all have pushed Bermuda Heroes Weekend onto the global Carnival map as an adventurous celebration that is not to be missed. We promise to keep improving and fine-tuning this Carnival just for you and just because of you. Again from our hearts to yours we share our heartfelt appreciation, and keep your eyes peeled… 2019 is not that far away!”

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  1. Carlton says:

    clean up your trash next time

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Yes, well done on another successful Heroes Day Weekend.

    Following up on the issue of people marking their spots on the route with tape along the sidewalk. Was it ever decided or agreed who would remove the tape a lot of which I see is still there? Was it to be the responsibility of HDW, the Corporation of Hamilton or the individuals themselves to remove it?

  3. Very Concerned says:

    I am concerned, that we have misconstrued what a hero is. Please tell me what a raft up or carnival has to do with heroes. Bermuda have we lost our morals, when we believe that partying and dressing in as little clothes as possible symbolizes a hero. Heroes are individuals that we look up to, individuals that have either assisted or put themselves in harms way to save someone. Lifeguards, Police officers, Firemen, Nurses, Doctors and the average lay person, not individuals who degrade their bodies or drink themselves into a drunk stupor. Come one Bermuda lets give accolades were they are due.