Police: High Visibility Patrols At Paradise Lakes

July 12, 2018

After reports of “anti-social behaviour and the dangerous use of watercraft,” the Police Marine Unit said they will provide a “highly visible police presence” in the Paradise Lakes area.

A police spokesperson said, “The area in the Great Sound commonly known as Paradise Lakes is traditionally a ‘raft up’ area for members of the public in the boating community during the summer months.

“After an increasing number of reports regarding anti-social behaviour and the dangerous use of watercraft in that area so far this summer boating season, the Bermuda Police Service Marine Unit will provide a highly visible police presence – particularly during the weekends – to deter any undesirable activity as well as to provide reassurance to the boating public and nearby island residents.

“The visible police patrols at Paradise Lakes – subject to other calls for service – will be maintained for the remainder of the summer.”

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  1. Izzypop says:

    This has been going on for a couple years now
    The dynamics of boaters tying up is different
    Loud music. Party boats
    Attracts the unsociable
    Many of the usual paradise lake boaters go elsewhere now

  2. Wahoo says:

    About time ìt has been paradise lost for a few years now.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Great to see. Most people abandoned Paradise Lakes years ago as a place to go for a peaceful family weekend. The BPS should be able to pay for themselves many times over if they get busy & write tickets for all offences starting with insufficient PFDs onboard

  4. aceboy says:

    Do multiple boats blasting multiple hip hop tracks constitute anti social behavior. I hope so.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      And that gun incident a few years ago by a jet skier in broad daylight aimed at the captain of a full tour boat was pretty antisocial as well .
      What is that thing that OJ keeps repeating ?
      Oh yeah , ‘Two Bermudas’

  5. Now this is a life saving pre emptive strike…
    My name is Bullwinkle…and I approve of this message….

  6. So... says:

    How about checking the age of the person in charge of the boat. And if under 18 is there alcohol on the boat? Is alcohol being supplied to others on the boat under 18?

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    If the BPS was half as diligent as the USCG at enforcement of marine regs there would be no problems at Paradise Lakes or anywhere else

  8. Ben says:

    Triangle, remind me what the budget of the USCG is?