Video: Nikki Bascome ‘A Comeback Story’

July 14, 2018

Nikki Bascome has released an inspirational video titled “The Restoration: A Comeback Story,” where the professional boxer discusses the aftermath of loss in November 2017 and pays tribute to the late Allan ‘Forty’ Rego.

In the video, Mr. Bascome says, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to hang up the gloves and never fight again. I never thought about losing, I thought I’ll never lose as a professional fighter. I’ll look in the mirror every day tell myself repeatedly I’m a winner,” Mr Bascome said. “And I believed it, November 11, 2017 it all changed.

“Going toe to toe with a bigger man; boom, got caught, got knocked out in front of my own fans. It was the wrong game plan. The better man won, what can I say – I take my hat off to him.”

“One thing I could say about losing for the first time is that it was definitely a new territory for me. I had to deal with a new level of criticism. Of course negativity that was always there, but twice as much.

“Whoever was against me for whatever reason I gave them, they was one up on me. That’s just how I am, I feel like the world’s against me sometimes. I gave them something to talk about.

“But like my coach Rego always say, ‘whatever they say, whether it’s good or bad, is true.’ I guess that’s his way of saying they could say whatever they want.

“Eleven days after my fight, God blessed me with a beautiful little baby girl. Even though I lost, he still rewarded me, to keep my spirits up, and indeed, it was the best moment of my life.

“Unfortunately, in the same breath, I didn’t know I was going to be losing my coach and counsel. That particular time in my life, there was a lot on my plate all at once, but through lots of prayer, support, words of encouragement from people who really have my best interests at heart, I knew I had to keep pushing for it – it only made sense.”

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  1. Leisha Choe says:

    Excellent video and story. Keep your chin up Nikki, you can do it!
    You WILL come back stronger and better.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Nice, the 3rd round I thought you had figured it out when you was jabbing and moving, because the first 2 rounds you felt his power.
      But thats History, even the BEST lost.
      All the best and stay Fresh and Hungry.

  2. BDA69 says:

    Sad that all his fans didn’t support his gofundme plea. Nikki has endured a hard life. People like to claim him, but those same people did not support him (yes financially) when he needed it the most.

  3. Mark Thorne says:

    Proud of you Nikki, for both getting back up after one of your largest lows, both losing your trainer (who was like a dad to you) and the last fight, but also because you found a way to live positively even after such a traumatic loss so early in your life! Life can throw many curve balls at us, but the strong survive….you are strong and I encourage you to continue living day by day, moment by moment to your best, as tomorrow is promised to no one. I don’t know you personally, but love you in the Lord brother! Keep your chin up and I look forward to hearing about your life more moving forward.

  4. Hurricane says:

    Love this!

  5. andre says:

    100% support Nikki. You do Bermuda proud!

  6. T. Ingham says:

    What you focus on expands. Nicky you are a true Champion. Keep pushing on, regardless, keep your eye on the prize. You deserve the best; you are a genuine human being. I wish you much success. BTW absolutely love this comeback video!!