Corbishley Sworn In As New BPS Commissioner

August 3, 2018

Mr. Stephen Corbishley was sworn-in as Commissioner of Police by Governor John Rankin at an event at Government House today [Aug 3].

Also present at today’s event, were the Minister of National Security Wayne Caines, Deputy Commissioner of Police Paul Wright and Deputy Governor Alison Crocket.

New Police Commissioner Sworn In Bermuda Aug 2018 (1)

“The Governor welcomed the new Commissioner and his family to the island. He noted the skills and experience Mr Corbishley would bring to his new role and wished him well in his work,” a spokesperson said.

“He also thanked Deputy Commissioner Paul Wright for his period as Acting Commissioner of Police and for his continued service to Bermuda.

“Commissioner Corbishley in turn looked forward to working with the Governor, the Minister of National Security and his new colleagues in the Bermuda Police Service.

New Police Commissioner Sworn In Bermuda Aug 2018 (2)

“Mr Corbishley’s appointment was announced by the Governor on 31 May following an open recruitment process.

“Mr Corbishley previously served with Kent Police in the UK and has held command positions in both operational and crime divisions in UK policing .

“He also has considerable strategic experience, including through a secondment to the UK’s National Crime Agency and is widely respected for his strong partnership approach to policing.”

He said, “I am both delighted and proud to be joining the Bermuda Police Service. I am committed to protecting and serving the people of Bermuda as Commissioner of Police and to leading the Bermuda Police Service in maintaining the highest international standards.”

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  1. frank says:

    Why did this have to be done today like this is our holiday

    • facts of the rock says:

      Bermudian holiday,NOT the Governor’s who just happens to be British.

    • Onion Juice says:

      How can it be ya holiday when its named after a British Admiral.
      Very fitting I would say.

      • My My My says:

        Bermuda’s history is celebrated. Maybe you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Sir George.

    • Duh says:

      The Police work on holidays.

    • PR says:

      How did it inconvenience you, snowflake?

  2. good, all the best to him

  3. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    I am not understanding this system. The governor appoints the commissioner and foster that he is a mute on almost every issue like the last shooting. The government are held accountable for the rise in crime while the governor sits on his hill untouched.

    • Maddog says:

      Oh really? The government is “accountable” for crime? Since. When?

    • Onion Juice says:

      You need to study History to understand this system.

      • Onion Breath says:

        LOL@OJ….you need to study everything OJ, instead of constantly making up lies….oh so pathetic little OJ.

    • PR says:

      Yeah, you don’t get it. Better to keep quiet than to reveal what a fool you are.

  4. Y-Gurl says:

    In the BPS’s drive for Bermudainization how many Bermudians applied and were turned down for the position?

    • Jimi says:

      Go ahead and file a PATI request lol…

    • Happy says:

      It’s not a secret it’s been reported several times, this is from a statement form Minister Caines:

      There were 6 candidates. Of the 3 who were Bermudian, 1 was a Superintendent and 2 were Assistant Commissioners.

      It should be noted our Deputy Commissioner didn’t apply and all 3 Bermudians were obviously below him in the BPS hierarchy. I’m assuming they still were lacking skills or experience needed for the position.

    • hmmm says:

      Because there were no Bermudians qualified… We need to send senior officers overseas on secondment (2-3 years) in command positions to get them proper experience.

    • Onion Breath says:

      Did you apply ‘y gurl’? No, you’re…probably not even a true Bermudian.

  5. S Paw says:

    Lefties are taking over.

    • Onion Breath says:

      No…the Right is in power now.

      The resulting comedy:

      Left = Obama…Bermuda loves Obama, hates his leftist policies.

      Right = Trump…Bermuda is doing it’s best to emulate the Trump administrations Xenophobic, homophobic and racist policies…..but will tell you they hate Trump.

      In other words, Bermudians are hypocrites…but too stupid to see it.

      • PBanks says:

        I think you missed the subtlety of S Paw’s statement. Hint, it had nothing to do with political leanings or your perceptions of Bermudians.

        • Onion Breath says:

          Hint: Let S Paw speak for itself…unless you’re him as well.

    • T says:

      Yes. Watching

    • Andrew Little says:

      Gotcha, he was the only one left…..

  6. J R Smith says:

    Oh Bermuda when will we learn..smh…

  7. Y-girl....Why Girl?? says:


    You are a farce, you gave the former Commissioner of Police so much vitriol. Every chance you got, you had something negative to say about the Bermudian Commissioner, now your asking questions about how many Bermudian Commissioners applied? like get a life and go lay down. People like you criticize Bermudians and when someone from another country comes you want to know what happened to the Bermudian.

    real joke

  8. Mrs Brady says:

    Wishing him all the luck in the world cos he will need it! Bermudians are going to moan and complain from day one.

  9. NO MORE WAR says:

    Some of you people are so hurt by the lashing the OBA got you can’t see past your noses. The Governor has operational control over the police yet he hardly ever speaks out against violence. It’s the Government beit OBA/UBP or PLP. The Governor cherry picks what he deals with and as such if I were the Government I would criticize the Governor for not taking control of the police. The only time he reminds us that he’s in charge of them is during appointment time. Madness.

    • Mrs Brady says:

      Go independent. No more Governor, no more UK involvement, get rid of expats and all none REAL Bermudians – you’ll be set!