Photos & Results: Corona Coed Beach Volleyball

August 14, 2018

The Corona Coed beach volleyball tournament recently took place at Horseshoe Bay beach, with Double Trouble, Just Get It Up and Mission Unblockable all winning their divisions.

Coed 2s

  • 1. Double Trouble – Allison Lacoursiere and Daniel Fiddick
  • 2. Hot Tomales – Beth Rae and Mike Gazzard
  • 3. Keke, Do You Love Me? – Nicole Volek and Keiran Hamilton

Coed 4s – Competitive

  • 1. Just Get It Up – Alana Rathbun, Jade Weaver, Richard Madeiros and Alex Styche
  • 2. Serves You Right – Yulia Iseava, McKenna O’Donnell, Conor Somerville and Matthew van Berk
  • 3. Swipe Right – Greg Bell, Erica Frith, Shiloh Walen and Wes Toavs
  • Consolation Winners Hold My Beer – Jayson Axalan, Grant Davidson, Ryan deJesus, Fhe Nery, Julius Ondoy & Ana Liza Perez

Coed 4s – Recreational

  • 1. Mission Unblockable – Tristan Mullan, Riley Rego, Cailey Longworth and Katrina McPhee
  • 2. Son of a Beach – Ryann DeVera & Co.
  • 3. Odd Balls – Grace Edy, Natasha Hallinan, Adrian Hartnett-Beasley and James Morgan

Double Trouble Bermuda August 2018

Hot Tamales Bermuda August 2018

Just Get it Up Bermuda August 2018

Hold My Beer Bermuda August 2018

Keke Bermuda August 2018

Serves You Right Bermuda August 2018

Mission Unblockable Bermuda August 2018

Son of a Beach Bermuda August 2018

Swipe Right Bermuda August 2018


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